The Lawn Makeover

A beautiful landscape can bring a smile to anyone's face. But most people look at their front or back yards and scowl. Most yards are still filled with lawn that demands constant attention and rarely looks very good these days. Maybe it's time to think about a lawn makeover; a landscape makover that will make you smile for a change.

An alternative to a big lawnCredit: Photo by Jane Gates

There was a time when the flat expanse of pure green was the epitome of good taste in the landscape. But times have changed and with weather patterns becoming less predictable and water resources diminishing, the concept of the fashionable landscape is changing, too. In fact, in many parts of the country – even the world – those big emerald swaths of lawn are being seen as dreary, dull and wasteful. Instead, today is now the time of the lawn makeover – the era when old landscapes need a facelift to redefine beauty and style.

If you have a front or back yard dedicated to a lot of green lawn and you live where rain is plentiful, soils are rich, and your lawn looks luscious with hardly any attention, then you might want to continue growing your lawn. But if you live where water bills are escalating, rain is either causing your lawn to rot or turn into moss, or you lawn requires you to pour gallons of irrigation over the top, then maybe it's time for a change. If you are fighting grubs and wireworms, patches of mushrooms, gophers, moles or unknown areas of brown, consider whether it's really worth all the hours and expense to maintain grass that is not even considered to be trendy anymore. Instead, you could have a magical, colorful garden of flowers and textured foliage with meandering pathways, a patio or seating areas, gurgling fountains fed with recycled water or areas of productive vegetable gardens feeding you and your family healthy, flavorful, fresh vegetables and fruits at a fraction of the cost you'd be spending in the supermarket. Is the thought beginning to make you smile? Then maybe it's time for your own landscape makeover.

People are spending hours watching and reading about hair, cosmetic, clothing fashion and housing makeovers. Why not do a lawn makeover? You can create a formal garden, a practical landscape, a low maintenance space, a sports area, a natural flower paradise or any other kind of garden that will extend the practical living square footage of your house into the outdoors. Wouldn't that be a lot better than spending a fortune on water bills, insecticides, fungicides, lawn food and more – all for the honor of having to spend hours mowing the grass? If you are open to all the wonderful possibilities that can be substituted for your lawn, you have taken the first step toward bringing a smile to your face with a landscape makeover. Now all you need to do is explore all the exciting possibilities you can fit into your front or back yard. Then go transform your dull lawn to something really special. And smile!