Quick and Effective Cleaning Tips

Ways to shorten the stress of cleaning

Cleaning, the arduous task that everyone lives to despise. We all have our dreaded chores, whether it is ironing, dusting, wiping, washing, vacuuming, or one of the many other mundane activities involved in keeping our living spaces habitable. But there are clever ways and tips to cleaning that can shorten and simplify cleaning chores that will save you time and energy.

Credit: Morguefile

Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips

 - Cleaning food processors or blenders can be a nightmare. So many parts, awkward corners, and it can take forever. Frankly, the time used to clean these appliances can be time put to better use. Instead, for a quick, efficient clean, fill the food processor or blender with warm/hot water, add a couple of drops of washing liquid, put the lid on, and turn it on high. You may need to rinse and repeat, but it is a quick, simple way to clean those annoying appliances.

- Vinegar is a great cleaning tool. Pour 1 cup of it into your dishwasher and let it run though a cycle, while empty, as this will help with any build up of hard water in the machine. again, add a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar to your coffee maker, then let it run though a cycle. this will clean your coffee maker, as well as prevent the build up of hard water.  

- Invest in an electric toothbrush to clean those hard to reach places around taps and sinks without exerting too much elbow grease in the process.

- To quickly and effectively remove tarnish, place sterling or plated silver utensils in an aluminum pan or dish (it MUST be aluminum) and sprinkle 1/2 to 1 cup of baking soda over the silverware. Then pour in boiling water until the utensils are completely covered. When the tarnish disappears, remove the utensils and simple buff and wipe them clean with a soft cloth.

- Ironing is already a painful chore, without the added frustrating complication of garments that have pleats, which can be a nightmare to iron and take up a lot of your precious time. To iron pleats quickly, simply bobby pin the pleats down at the hem and then iron them.

- There is nothing more annoying than getting into the groove of vacuuming, only to have to keep unplugging and re-plugging the machine into a new power socket every time you move on to a new room. Not only is this annoying, but it rapidly decreases your cleaning motivation if you are constantly dragging your vacuum cleaner around from room to room. A way to avoid this and vacuum multiple rooms quickly and in one go is to invest in an extension power cord. Pick a central room to set up your vacuum cleaner with the extension cord and use that room to arc out to the rest of the house and other rooms without the hassle of having to stop to change over outlets.

- To remove stubborn stains in the microwave, boil a cup of water in it. The steam will make it easier to wipe clean.

- And now for the dreaded 'M' word: Multitask. But fear not, there are ways to be a lazy multitasking cleaning machine. It's simple: put the dishwasher or washing machine on while cleaning something else. Clean the bathroom while you are supervising your kids in the bath. Clean the shower WHILE having a shower. It's all about the lazy version of killing two birds with one stone.

Hopefully these tips and tricks help you struggle through your chores and little faster without wasting too much energy. Happy cleaning!