Several years ago I was nearly involved in a fatal crash... MINE.  A person pulled directly out in front of me and I knew, I just knew, that I wasn’t going to survive the impact.  But just before I would have hit this person squarely in the side of his car... HE MOVED just enough for me to get around the back of him.  It was almost like an unseen hand had given him a little push.  I really don’t think the driver ever saw me coming.  No crash, lots of shaking on my part and a little voice telling me “I’m not done with you yet.”  From that point on in my life I knew that there was still an unfulfilled purpose. I began searching for it and believe I have now found it. 

Stay with me because I’m going to share this exciting “purpose” with you in detail.

There is a new sheriff in town and it is me. I have the authority to present the following material as the new law of the land.  And best of all, I have the support of literally thousands of people standing behind me that are willing and able to take you by the arm, lead you out back, and beat the stuffing (old business beliefs) out of you if you don’t follow what I’m about to teach you.

That’s what I’d like to be able to say but alas I can not.  What I can say is this:  “If you’re willing to follow me and the teaching I’m going to share with you your life will be a whole lot better within a very short time than what it is right now... guaranteed!”

Now don’t give me any guff about this. The material I’m going to share with you is vital to your financial health.  It’s just that simple.  You don’t yet know what I’m talking about so don’t argue with me.  And, until you do, there’s no need to regard it as just another new way to get ripped off.  It isn’t!  This is important stuff and you’ll be happy you stayed around to learn all about it.  So, sit back, keep reading and learn.

In business, as well as life, if you’re not moving ahead you are falling behind.  Remember how I said “it was almost like an unseen hand had moved the car”  Well, I am now that unseen hand in your life.  I’m going to give you a little shove to get you started and to help you miss the fatal accident (spelled business failure) that you could be heading for as we speak.

So what is this all about?  I meet so many people that are always complaining about how bad life is for them and how they wish they could change jobs, move to another location in the country and blah blah blah blah blah.  I get tired of hearing about it, don’t you?  The problem they really have is that they aren’t doing anything about making changes in their lives.  There is no action behind their complaining.  Unfortunately most people are like that, at least the ones I’ve met over the past few years. 

No Action = No Income and No Change In The Outcome Of Their Life.  How sad, right?  It isn’t difficult to make changes.  What’s difficult is actually taking action because it takes us out of our comfort zone.  Most people aren’t willing to do that.  I’m going to make some “suggestions” as it relates to getting out of your comfort zone and making some important changes in your life.  The information I’ll share is not new but it is rarely thought of because it forces you to take action, change your life-style and/or move ahead in your life (spelled get off your butt and do something other than complain.)

Let’s Get Started.  The first thing we need to do is answer the question: How bad do you want it?  Are you ready to get off your butt and take some action to change your life?  Are you willing to put into that change some effort that just might require you to lose a little sleep in the process?  Would you be willing to even work for $1.00 a day until the change works for you?  How about $100.00 a day?

Lets get down to brass tacks.  I’ll bet you haven’t heard that term in a long time.  What it means is it is time to get to work.  One of the most interesting areas I’ve studied over the past few months is internet marketing via video.  It’s probably the most important and vital part of any marketing you do anymore.  If you’re not offering video on your web-sites or blogs you might as well hang up your business hat.  You’re simply not going to make any money. People are more visual these days.  Everything is offered in video/visual form.  When you’re not giving them what they expect they leave never to return.

You are probably thinking to yourself “I don’t know how to make a video” and “I don’t have the money to buy all the equipment that I need to make a cool video to sell my stuff.”  Well here’s my answer to that:  BULL PUCKY!  You’re just making excuses.  Video cameras are so inexpensive these days and have such high quality video formats that you can’t afford not to own one.  For less than $100.00 you can have a High Definition Video Camera that will serve you well for many years to come.  And, even if you don’t have a camera, you don’t need one to make a video.

Case in point... create a document and save it as a PDF file. Then upload it to your Window’s Movie Maker Program or your iMovie program on Apple’s software.  Add a little “canned” music that is already there for you to use and you’re done.  Upload it to YouTube (also included in movie-making programs) and that’s it.  You have your very first movie online for people to enjoy.  It is as simple as that.

But I’m Not An Expert On Anything.  Yes, you are.  You just haven’t given serious consideration to what you’re good at yet.  Ask yourself these questions:  What are your hobbies?  What really fires you up... what is your passion in life?  What books do you enjoy reading?  What courses in school did you really enjoy?  What magazines do you read?  Are you a good cook?  Can you hunt with the big boys?  When your vehicle needs repair do you do it yourself?  Can you paint your own walls in your home?  What secrets have been handed down to you from your family that you could share? 
See, it’s not that you don’t know anything.  It’s that you haven’t given serious thought to what you really do know.

Now that I’ve tweaked those thoughts get out a piece of paper and begin writing down everything (and I mean everything) on that paper that pops into our mind.  It doesn’t matter if it sounds silly or outrageous, write it down!  When you’re finished writing put the paper away for two days and don’t look at it.  Then, get it out again and see what you’ve put down.  Some of it will still seem silly but MOST will fire you up all over again.

Next, refine the topics by putting sub-topics below the categories you put down.  This will give you a general outline for your video or writing projects you’ll soon be creating.  Pretty simple, right?  Best of all...IT WORKS EVERY TIME!

As we just talked about it isn’t hard to make a movie presentation and with a little thought and just a touch of get-off-your-butt ambition you can be successful in your business and personal ventures

Now it’s time to take action.  Remember that no action equals no money in the bank.  That’s not something I’m willing to accept.  Are you?