If you are looking for a tablet, but don't want to spend a lot of money, you should consider an Amazon kindle.  The kindle was originally developed by Amazon as an e-reader, but Amazon has added more features such as web browsing and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. The price is between $150 and $200. It is a tablet design with a touch-sensitive screen which is 7" on the diagonal.  It weighs less than one pound, so it is  easy to carry anywhere.
    Amazon has recently released two new models:  the Kindle Fire and the Kindle Touch 3G. The Kindle Touch 3G offers free 3G internet access through  Sprint with no monthly fees or annual contract. They are created and sold exclusively by Amazon through their website, amazon.com.
     The Kindle Fire runs on a version of the Google Android operating system.  It features a newly-developed,  split-architecture browser, Amazon Silk, which is available exclusively on Kindle Fire. Split-architecture means that the work of loading web pages is split between the browser itself and remote Amazon servers. This makes it much faster than the browsers usually found on mobiile devices.  It also observes the web browsing patterns of many users and uses this data to predict the next page a user will request. It preloads the page before the user even requests it. It has built-in WiFi connectivity, so you can connect to the internet from any WiFi  hotspot.  It also features an @kindle inbound only email address which accepts mail from pre-approved addresses. You can use this to send documents from your computer to your kindle.
      Kindles are known for the ease of accessing books, newspapers, videos, and music that they offer.  Digital media for the kindle can be purchased through Amazon and downloaded. The Kindle store contains over a million books, most of which cost less than $9.99.  In 2010, Amazon said that in the United States, their e-book sales had surpassed sales of paperback book sales. You can also get access to a wide variety of games and apps, some of which are designed exclusively for the kindle.
      Because of the added features of an ultra-fast web browser and free 3G connectivity, the new kindles are expected to be rivals for for the Apple Ipad. The price of a kindle is less than one-third of the price of an Apple Ipad. The two new kindles are priced between $149 and $199. They weigh betwen 14 and 15 ounces, about 2/3 of what an Apple Ipad weighs. They are small and light enough to carry anywhere.  Amazon is actually losing $10 on every Kindle Fire they sell, but they are doing this in hopes of promoting their digital media.
   The Kindle Fire also features one USB port, a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, and top-mounted speakers.