Sometimes called a Whey protein diet, a high liquid protein diet can offer a way to lose a large amount of weight and fat in a short period of time. If you are looking for a fast way to lose a few pounds or for a long term weight loss solution then you can try this diet. Indeed it is possible if you follow the diet to lose significant amounts of weight within a week; possibly up to 10lbs depending on how strict you are and how much exercise you perform within that week.

The liquid protein diet also offers the additional benefit of being able to minimise muscle loss during the rapid weight loss period which is important for overall health, weight loss, and for bodybuilders looking to maintain muscle mass. Muscle is important when losing weight and fat as the more muscle your body has the more extra calories you are able to burn in a day. By consuming large amounts of protein you are able to minimise the negative breakdown of muscle which can occur during many weight loss diets.

High protein diets are well known to help with losing weight. This is because protein can control your appetite by promoting the release of appetite suppressing hormones in the body. This is important during a weight loss program in order to control your eating and prevent those awful binge eating moments. Protein also aids in fat loss because of its natural high thermic effect on the bodies digestive system. In other words protein is harder to digest and thus takes more calories to digest than carbohydrates. This has the additional effect of increasing the body's metabolism. Thus by eating a high liquid protein diet you actually increase the body's metabolism, the number of calories burned, and suppress you appetite so allowing you to control your eating comfortably.

The reason the diet is based upon additional liquid components are that liquid is easier for the body to digest and thus less calories are consumed and less are stored as fat. The reason why it is sometimes called a whey protein diet is because the main protein used in the diet is whey protein shakes. Whey protein is an extremely high quality protein rich powder produced from the production of cheese. The watery liquid by product of the cheese making process is first separated from the fats and is then dried into a powder. The result of this is an extremely low fat high quality protein powder.

So how do you follow a whey protein diet? Well to follow full liquid protein diets you must consume nothing but liquids such as soups, fruit juices, and the majority is protein shakes. The protein shake is whey protein mixed with water or skimmed milk. This is not recommended for a prolonged period of time as the body is not designed to consume nothing but liquids but it is useful for a few days to lose weight rapidly.

A healthier and easier option for you is to consume a partial liquid diet in which 2 out of 3 meals of the day (or 5 out of 6 if you consume 6 meals a day) are substituted with whey protein shakes or soups. This will allow you to lose a lot of weight over a few weeks and is more manageable and safe for your body. The one solid meal of the day should be around 300-400 calories of healthy fat free food such as lean chicken breast and green vegetables. It may be difficult, especially in the beginning but if you stick to a liquid protein diet you will see significant weight loss results.