After Publishing, Backlink

After you publish an Infobarrel article, you should promote your work on other websites. This helps to ensure that more readers can find the article. The act of placing a reference article, with a link to your published Infobarrel article, is call backlinking. You can place your backlink in practically any web site that you wish. Although there are many web sites that you may choose for this kind of promotion, some are better than others. That's because some tend to offer certain advantages than others. Generally, you want your backlink to be on a site that is highly ranked, as measured by Google. Infobarrel is a pagerank "4", for example. Your backlink should go on a site that is ranked as high as possible. Other factors to consider are the ease of publishing on the backlink site, whether the backlink site rewards authors with revenue and whether the backlink site is a "Dofollow" or "Nofollow" site.

The Importance of Pagerank
A short time ago, pagerank, as measured by Google, was practically the most important Internet web site statistic that existed. Values ranged from 1 to 10. The scale, however, was not designed to be regular, it is more like a logarithmic one. A site with pagerank 3 is not merely three times as good as a pagerank 1 site, it is 3000 times better, or more. In time, the pagerank has been de-emphasized by Google, suggesting that this statistic is not as important as it once was. While this may be true, the exact page ranking algorithm is never released by Google so regular publishers have no way of gauging whether they should rely heavily on pagerank or not. This leads the the current situation where publishers do not trust pagerank absolutely but they do regard it keenly. In practice, the statistic can be used as an evaluation criterion for your backlinks. Given two seemingly identical web sites, a backlink is best placed on the site with the higher pagerank. That said, if a site is easy to use for publishing purposes, and it has a relatively low pagerank, it may still be an excellent backlink site. In time the web site should receive boosts in pagerank, especially if it is a popular site. Remember that pagerank starts at zero so all new sites will initially be very low, rising over time. Conversely, long established sites tend to receive higher pagerank merely by being online longer.

The Importance of "Dofollow"
In an effort to improve search results, Google established the notion of the "Dofollow" or "Nofollow" link. In reality, the web syntax was extended to allow publishers to identify links as "Nofollow". Links encoded as such suggest to search engines that the automatic web indexing processes should not bother to follow the link. This implies that the link is of little importance, leads to web pages that can't be verified and generally that the link is to be ignored. The contrary link syntax is now known as a "Dofollow" link. These links suggest to search engines that the link leads to a page which is important, that the topic of the linked page is relevant and that search engines should follow the link. As an Infobarrel author, you should strive to place your backlinks in articles that are hosted on "Dofollow" sites. This is not an absolute law, of course, but it is a good practice. Unfortunately, some of the best sites for links may not be "Dofollow" or they may be but only in certain circumstances. Twitter is an example of such a site since it is "Nofollow" but it may make great sense for backlinking due to the large reader population. Obviously, authors should try to use "Dofollow" sites whenever possible but they can also take advantage of "Nofollow" sites.

A List of Dofollow Backlink Sites, And a Nofollow Site as Well


Pagerank Alexa Notes ? ? Essentially nofollow but effective and easy 7 218 Good revenue earning site. 9 links per external site. 7 3965 Short links 6 306 Both Follow and Nofollow links. Follow for links in author bio
       5 144 Not a good site for general backlinking 4 6035 Good revenue sharing site. Two links allowed per article. 4 4417  4 27581  4 22227 Site uses popup ads which may irritate viewers 4 24411  5 2597 Nofollow links. Follow for links in author bio. Pagerank improved of late. 3 14886 Short links 3 46744  3 41535 Short, easy to create links 2 943175 Short links 3 13156 Revenue site. Short links, (200 characters). 2 536783 Closed by site administrator due to spam

Note that the table above includes "Alexa" numbers. These are site performance values that attempt to indicate the relative popularity of web sites. The scale goes from 1, (the most popular page on the Internet), to a very high value, (the least popular web page on the Internet). Some authors watch this value to see whether it improves over time. It may not be important for your purposes but it is another method that you can use to gauge whether you use a particular web site.

Infobarrel authors may want to follow the steps below in order to help boost their articles' popularity:

Publish an article on Infobarrel which covers a particular topic.
Send a "Tweet" about your article on Twitter.
Publish a short link on Redgage which includes a backlink to your Infobarrel article.
Publish a short link to your article on Mylinkvault.
Publish a short link on Folkd.
Publish a longer article, with links to your new Infobarrel article, and others, on Squidoo.
Submit links or articles with backlinks on other web sites that you like.

These steps are easy to follow and they are generally accepted Search Engine Optimization, (SEO), techniques. Feel free to adjust the steps and to follow them in the order that makes sense to you. If you don't like one site, pick another from the list, or add one that isn't listed. The most important step is to get your article published on Infobarrel. After that, you are just trying to help boost the SEO ranking of your entire portfolio of articles.