Spanish speakers are one of the many grown minority groups in the US. A lot of people all over the world speak Spanish as their first language. For those who only speak English, it can be interesting to learn a list of Spanish words or vocabulary to help you get along when you are on vacation or just to improve your knowledge of the language.

You will not become a fluent speaker by just learning words and verbs. Learning a new language like Spanish requires a lot of time and effort. Below are a list of Spanish words for your to enjoy.

chica bicicleta a list of spanish words

A Woman on a Bicycle -  Una Mujer en Bicicleta

A Woman in a Rose T-shirt - Una Mujer en Blousa Rosada

The Girl has a Dog -  La Muchacha Tiene un Perro

A Girl - Una Muchacha, Una Chica

A Lady in Spanish can be Una Mujera or Una Senorita

The Girl Is Wearing Sun Glasses -  La Muchacha Lleva Anteojos de Sol

Anteojos literally means before eyes

Ante - Before

Ojos - Eyes

A Blonde Girl - Una Chica Rubia

The Blonde Girl is Sportive - La Muchach Rubia es Deportiva

chica piscina a list of spanish words

The list of Spanish words from this picture can be long but, it will be kept to the essential so that you can pick up a few words.

A Woman in a Swimming Pool - Una Mujer en Una Piscina

The Woman is Happy - La Chica Esta Contenta

I Love Women in Swimsuits -  Me Gusta Mujeres en Traje de Baño

The Woman is not Alone -  La Chica No Esta Sola

You can use either Mujer or Chica and even Muchacha to describe a young woman in Spanish.

If you are trying to chat up a woman of a certain age, you can still say

Hola Chica - Hello Young Girl

Hola Bonita - Hello Pretty Girl

mujer familia a list of words

This is a family photograph with a lot of Spanish Vocabulary to learn. The central topic of this article is the woman so the list of words in Spanish will revolve around her.

The Woman is happy with her family - La Mujer Esta Contenta con su Familia

The Woman has a Baby -  La Senora Tiene un Bebe

The use of Senora above suggest that you are referring to a married woman. Senora can also be used women you don't know the marital status of an adult woman.

The Woman has long hair -  La Mujer Tien Pello Largo

The man is happy with his wife and baby - El Hombre Esta Contento con su Esposa y Bebe

Happy - Contento

Wife - Esposa

Man - Hombre