Want to stop getting speeding tickets and to find out ahead of time about speed traps with the best cobra radar detectors? Check out this list of the most popular cobra radar detectors under $100, and add affordable personal protection to your car today. The latest models of radar detectors double as laser detectors as well, making them even more effective at preventing surprises on your next road trip. 

The Cobra XRS9570 Voice Alert Radar and Laser Detector

Cobra XRS 9570 Radar and Laser Detector

Best Deal: $91.77 

Capable of protecting you against both radar and laser based speed traps, this cobra model is a top of the line voice-alert detector that will keep you apprised of road conditions without distracting you from the driving task.

Capable of sensing 7 different kinds of radar speed guns and 6 different types of laser based traps, the XRS9570 sweeps 360 degrees in order to provide its users with total coverage. 

Also essential in states where radar detectors are illegal, technology known as the IntelliMute Pro allows your cobra detector to go unseen by radar detector-detectors. 

Cobra's XRS 9745 15 Channel  Spectre I Undetectable -Detector 

Best Deal: $96.99

Keep on trucking with this XRS model that cannot be detected by Spectre I radar detector detecting systems. In fact, it's completely immune to VG-2 systems and provides alerts for Spectre I and IV detectors. This model comes with a 1 year warranty and text and voice alerts. 

Cobra Radar Detector XRS 9745

Using technology known as IntelliMute, this cobra radar detector will actually shut itself down to avoid detection by radar detector detectors. A sophisticated addition, known as strobe detection, allows cobra detectors to give advanced warning of emergency vehicles that are approaching a traffic light.

Emergency vehicles like ambulances are sometimes equipped with "strobe flashing" technology, which allows them to manually re-configure traffic light patterns as they approach. The cobra XRS detector can sense this strobe-flashing equipment and give the driver advanced warning. 

As affordable laser and radar detectors go, this cobra sensor has a respectable range, but it's certainly not the best in its class of equipment. For the price however, it's a solid unit to use while cruising the highway. 

The Cobra XRS9370 360 Degree Radar and Laser Detector

Best Deal: $77.70

If you're willing to scale back a bit on the creature comforts and usability features of this XRS 9370's big brother units, you can get a capable laser and radar detector for much cheaper. This model doesn't feature any voice support or alerts, but it still scans 14 channels of radar and laser detection for a full 360 degrees around your vehicle. 

Cobra XRS 9370 Laser and Radar Detector For Cheap

The main difference between this model and the previously mentioned, slightly more expensive ones is that you'll have to read the flashing LCD read-outs instead of having your information fed to you by voice or text. 

The XRS 9370 will still give you comprehensive coverage, 360 degree sweeping and anti-detection methods designed to defeat all VG-2 radar detector detectors. It also includes the strobe-light-based emergency vehicle advanced warning system. 

Just like its predecessors, this cobra radar detector is one of the best models under $100 on the market because it also capable of detecting a new technology used in speed traps called the "POP gun". Pop guns are radar guns capable of turning on and taking readings instantaneously from a dormant state, thereby making them much more difficult to detect.