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Bowling is a sport where a player rolls a ball down an alley with an intention of knocking over pins located at the end of the alley. To get a high score the player should knock down all the pins which are usually 10, 9 or 5; in case a player does not knock down all the pins they are given a second chance to roll down the ball again and try their luck at knocking over the pins.   Indoor bowling is usually played on a flat wooden alley or synthetic alley and outdoor bowling is played on lawns.

The bowling balls vary depending on the type of game being played; some have a larger circumference than others and bigger holes which are usually three holes. The sizes vary to fit different players some are for kids and others for adults. They also vary in weight with some going up to 16lbs. When one goes bowling they are often given bowling shoes which are usually flat and made of rubber

Types of Bowling

  • Ten pin bowling
  • Nine pin bowling
  • Candle pin bowling
  • Five pin bowlingDuckpin


History of Bowling

There is existing conflict as to the true origin of bowling; it is said to have originated from Egypt more than 5000 years ago since a Sir Flinders Petrie obtained some objects similar to primitive bowling objects from a child's grave in Egypt. This objects date back to 3200 BC, but a German known as William Pehle insists that bowling originated from his home country at around 300 AD. There is however documented evidence that shows bowling was played in England in 1366 during the reign of King Edward III who later burned the practice because it apparently distracted soldiers from practicing archery.

The game however gained popularity and was constantly played during the reign of King Henry VIII; a similar game was also played by Roman soldiers about 2000 years ago by throwing stones on other objects. This Roman version is what has now evolved to outdoor bowling; the Italian bocce, French petanque and English lawn bowling.

Bowling Evolution

The game became popular with time and by the 1800s it had been brought to America. The most common type of bowling was the nine pin bowling which was played by people from many states but each had a different set of rules. This game was however banned in some states such as Connecticut due to the fact that it involved a great deal of gambling.
On September 9 1895 Joe Thum a restaurateur created American Bowling Congress(ABC); the first American bowling organization which came up with the rules of bowling and the dimensions of the balls. This is the time that the nine-pin bowling was scraped off and the ten-pin bowling was introduced; Joe is considered the father of bowling.

After standardization of the game various competitions were held and in 1917 Women International Bowling Congress (WIBC) was created since ABC was restricted to men only. Eventually all the bowling organizations merged to create United States Bowling Congress (USBC) whose headquarters are in Arlington, Texas. Bowling is now played all over the world by over 95million people and it continues to grow; the rules are now standard for both indoor and outdoor bowling.


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