Golf is a ball sport where the players use long, stick-like accessories (called clubs) to strike a small ball directing it into holes made all around course by using minimal strokes possible. Just like the other games, golf employs rules that are to be followed by the players, failure to which a player might be penalized. This game usually does not require a particular specified playing area; instead, it is played in any sized course field that consisting of a nine to eighteen golf holes. Golf also allows the players to choose from different terrains which include:

  • Rough terrain
  • Fairway terrain
  • Hazards terrain

The game is played with an aim of using the lowest number of strokes by a player which is normally known as stroke play or by the lowest score in the singular holes after a complete round by a player/ the whole team which is termed as match play. It also has two formats of playing which are: stroke play and match play that are used in different times during the game.

In a golf course, the levels of grass are usually trimmed to a certain specified level, so as to allow for case putting in the green. The holes are made with a clear sight from the hitting area to the green while some bend to either left or right in a pattern known as the dog knee. Sometimes the golf holes may bend in both ways and this is referred to as a double knee.

The game also involves a certain accessory tool called a tee which is a v-shaped wooden or plastic tool that is used in elevating the golf ball for a player to visibly striking it. The tee accessory is usually not mandatory to be used and some players opt not to use it for their different personal reasons.


golf match


How Golf Originated:

Golf started in Scotland during the early fifteenth century in which, participants used crooked sticks to hit balls that were made from animal skin. Other historical claims say that the game was started by the ancient Romans and started spreading throughout Europe at the era when Romans conquered the whole continent and eventually the game became what it is today.

Scotland has played a big role in the birth of modern golf game as the country holds the oldest known golf course. The earliest rules governing the game are said to have been written down on March 1744 by a company of Scottish golfers in Leith town.

The ancient Scottish courses were initially laid along the sea beaches and the players used sand dunes which were easier to drill holes through and put a flag-like marking to guide the player to the hole when striking the ball.

Rules of golf:

Standard regulations of playing golf are internationally set and centrally governed by the board concerned. The greatest principle of golf rules demands that the players be fair to their opponents. For those players who have just begun to play golf, there may be strict regulations regarding the amateurs. Those who have ever earned any payments in relation to the game are usually not amateurs and are therefore not allowed to play against their amateur counterparts.