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Lacrosse is a sport played by a team with its origin from native America and is played with the use of a small ball made of rubber and a handled long stick known as Crosse or a lacrosse stick. The sport is common in the United States of America and Canada.  The sport involves a lot of contact between the team members as it is played and to prevent injuries team members wear gloves, shoulder pads and helmets.Rib guards sometimes are worn to protect the ribs.  

The Lacrosse head is threaded with a loose net to catch the lacrosse ball but can also be threaded with a hard net. The aim of the game from an offensive side is to shoot into the opponent's goal and score using the lacrosse stick to catch, hold and shoot the ball into the opponent's goal.

On a defensive side, the aim of the game is to prevent the rival team from scoring and to make sure that the ball is not with the opposing team by the use of body contact or positioning.

History of Lacrosse

The game was developed AD 1100 and is popular with Americans. The game was established well by the seventeenth century and had been filed by the priests of Jesuit. The sport has undergone many changes since its development.

In the original version, the game consisted of a team of a 100 to a 1000 men playing on a field of about 500 to a 1000 kilometers. The game was played from sunrise to sunset and had a ceremonial meaning of thanking the master.

The team members played the game with an aim of bringing honor to themselves and to their tribesmen by winning the game.

The game was played for the creator and was often referred to as the creator's game. The games origin is controversial as some people say it originated from a French missionary who called it La Crosse translated as the stick.  Others say it originated from a French term while others said it was named after a staff that is carried by bishops.


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Lacrosse Evolution

The game has evolved a lot since its origin. In 1867 the game's name was codified by a Canadian dentist, who shortened the length of each game and reduced the number of team members to twelve. In the 1900 the game was specifically a regional game that was centered around the East Coast area, but in the 20th century, the game grew to other areas to the west.

The game continues to grow nationwide and is becoming popular in other areas in the US. The game is popular in Canada also. Lacrosse has grown its popularity in the media and has become a popular game among the youth, high schools and colleges.  

The game has three common types of play:

  • Field lacrosse which is played by ten players in a field.
  • Box lacrosse is played by a team of six people in an enclosed area known as a hockey rink.
  • Women's Lacrosse is played by women and differs from men's lacrosse mainly by the equipment used


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