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Polo is a game rarely played nowadays. The game is considered to be one of the luxuries and is played on horseback. The game basically is just like any other game a person will see between two opposing teams. There are 4 players on each team and two teams play at a time. The goal is to score as many goals as possible.

Where did the game begin?

Polo was created by the Persians and was quite a popular sport until the Iranian Revolution, until 1979. The game was also a part of the Olympics at a time but was later removed from the list. Polo is quite a simple game to play with a simple pre-requisite of knowing how to ride…and really well at that. Reason being, a person needs to not just focus on their riding but also on gaining a score for their team.

The game is usually played on a grass field that is 300 yards long by 160 yards wide. The game is played professionally in about 16 countries all over the world and mostly involves a lot of maneuvering and short plays as the space is less.

When the game originated, it was even played with as many as 100 people on one side and as it became modernized, men and women of elite families would play it as a hobby and as a display of their riding and focusing skills.

How is it played?

The game surrounds around the 'line of the ball;' which is ideally the direction in which the ball flows post being hit. No one can cross that imaginary line to reach the ball and this means that the person who hit the ball has the best access to it since they are directly behind the ball. The other players have to ride on each side of the ball to gain access to it and take a shot.

This is why when a person sees a polo match in progress, they will be able to clearly notice that all the players are on either side of the ball and are trying to hit this plastic or wooden ball with their long-handled mallet.

polo action

Rules and details for Polo:

Considered to be a game made for those with a lot of patience, honesty, determination, and skill; polo has its own rules that are quite different than the other 'two team' rules:

To start with, this game is played on horseback.  There are two teams with each team consisting of four members.  The ball is hit with the mallet towards the scoring place of the other team.  All the players follow the 'line of the ball' and never come between the other players and the line of the ball to avoid a dangerous situation from being created.  Most of the penalties surround around the improper crossing of the line of the ball by one or more players.  Blocking the other player is possible when a person hooks their mallet with the other player's mallet.  It is also possible to block the player by riding the pony next to the other players shores and moving them away to get closer to the ball

Player Positioning:

The four players are given specific roles in the game:

Position #1: Most offense oriented positioning in the game. This positioning covers the number four in the opposing team number

Position #2: Plays an important role in the offence by helping the number one in scoring or making a score themselves

Position #3: Maintains a strong defense and also plays an important role in passing the ball to number 2 and number 1.

Position #4: Mainly a defense player and mainly prevents the other players from scoring prevents the other players from scoring


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