Have you ever heard of disc golf? If so, then you know that disc golf is a game played with Frisbees and large metal basket-nets that catch your discs as you throw them. Then the rules are much like golf and you get scored for how many times you throw the disc, trying to make it in the metal basket. This is one game that you play outdoors and is quite fun. I spent a whole summer playing this game almost everyday. I had a blast and made great friends along the way. But if you haven’t heard about this game, then there are probably tons more games that you haven’t heard of, but would like to know about. Well, I’d like to see if I can make a very long list of games that you can play outdoors that you’ve probably both heard of and not have heard about. So let’s begin with some familiar ones:

    1. Soccer

    2. Touch Football

    This is the normal game of football, but tackling somebody without tackling them. You only need to touch them for the play to be stopped.

    3. Tackle Football

      This is normal football where the play is stopped by the player with the ball being tackled.

      4. Giant Chess

        Giant Chess is the game of chess being played outside on a giant chessboard painted onto the cement and large chess pieces you move around. What fun!

        5. Disc Golf

          See the first paragraph of articles.

          6. Real Golf

          7. Swimming

            This could be swimming outside in a pond or lake, or could be doing laps at the city pool.

            8. Hiking Trails

              There are many trails around cities that people can just go and take a walk through the woods, through mountains, or in the desert.

              9. Hiking 14ers

                14ers are fourteen thousand foot mountains. There are 58 of them in Colorado. You can find the trails for these and climb the mountain and say that you’ve done it.

                10. Street Biking

                This is just getting a street bike (the ones with the thin tires) and biking around town or in races for fun.

                11. Mountain Biking

                This is more versatile as you use your bike to go through trails and mountains for best results.

                12. Jump Roping

                13. Hop-Scotch

                14. Boxing

                15. Playing Tag

                16. Baseball

                17. Basketball

                18. Prison Ball

                Prison ball is playing normal basketball, except that you can hurt each other by pushing and tackling to get to the hoop.

                19. Rock Climbing

                20. Tricycling

                21. Unicycling

                22. Catch

                Just normal catch with a football, baseball, or Frisbee.

                23. Jogging

                24. Weight Lifting

                I know that weight lifting is usually done indoors, but it’s way better to move the equipment outside and do it there. There’s a much better feel to strengthening your muscles when outside. Better air too.

                25. Skiing

                26. Snowboarding

                27. Sledding

                28. Build Forts

                As a child, you could build forts in different parts of town forests. There are many great places to use branches and logs to build stuff with.

                29. Kick the Can

                A childhood game where one person protects a soda can while the others try to kick it. But the catch is that those who aren’t protecting the metal can are able to get tagged by the one and be out of the game. It’s pretty tricky.

                30. White Water Rafting

                31. Bungie Jumping

                32. Sky Diving

                33. Scuba Diving

                34. Snorkeling

                35. Jet Skiing

                36. Water Skiing

                37. Boating

                38. Fishing

                39. Hunting

                This could be hunting for anything really: elk, deer, bird, antelope, etc.

                40. Fun at the Park

                Just simple fun going down slides, swinging on the swings, and eating lunch with your family.

                41. Camping

                42. Barbeque

                This is a great outdoor activity when you have friends over. Grab a couple beers, get some meat, and cook your dinner out on the grill while chatting up a storm with those around you.

                43. Campfire Cooking

                This is another fun way to test out new methods of cooking, but over a man-made campfire. You have ways to cook fish, steak, and even the good ‘ol s’mores.

                44. Building Campfires in Different Ways

                This is a great way to learn how to start a fire without matches or anything to help you. Good practice for survival.

                45. Trapping

                Trapping small animals can be another great way to practice survival. There are many ways to build traps without the animals being hurt.

                46. Sailing

                47. Deep Water Fishing

                48. Fly Fishing

                49. Water Polo

                50. Water Hockey

                51. Tubing

                Using large rubber tubes to float down different streams and rivers on a nice day. Bring some friends, food, and music. Great times!

                52. Ultimate Frisbee

                This is played like football, but with a Frisbee.

                53. Butterfly Catching

                54. Gardening

                55. Parkor

                Parkor is a type of exercise and sport with no equipment. You use your body and anything around (light poles, steps, or whatever) to jump, walk, or flip over to create some crazy spins and moves for fun.

                56. Skateboarding

                57. Long boarding

                58. Road Trip

                You could make it a priority to travel to different states or countries. Road trips are some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

                59. Write in a Journal Under a Tree

                60. Catch Fireflies at Night

                Grab a glass jar and run around catching fireflies in it.

                61. Do some Astronomy

                You can build your own telescope or get one from your local hobby shop, but maps out stars, planets, and moons.

                62. Watch an Outdoor Movie

                There aren’t many outdoor movie theaters left, but if your town or city has one, then make it a priority to see a movie or two there at night before it’s gone.


                So you can see there are many options for you this winter, spring, summer, or fall to enjoy yourself in the outdoors. Most of these activities you already know about, but try to do something you have never done before. It’ll give you more experience and something to tell somebody else about. What a great way to spend time outdoors by yourself, with your family, or friends. Just have fun!