Laminate floors allow for inexpensive and practical solution to most other types of flooring. That's why a lot of builders, home decorators and homeowners alike prefer them these days. They're constructed with layers of durable materials, plus maintenance is hassle-free.

These laminated flooring products are designed to imitate something expensive. However, they're sold at a fraction of the cost. And this is perhaps what makes them appealing to many, especially homeowners on a budget. For instance, a home can now have the benefit of having an elegant-looking maple floor, without breaking the budget of the owner for the purchase and installation of the real deal.

When it comes to installation, the handyman in you can set a laminate floor up with the smallest amount of effort. They come in strips, planks or squares that often snap together like a puzzle. Although there are also styles which require nails or glues, a laminated floor can be easily installed just the same. But if you have no time setting up your own floor, the store where you purchased them can always recommend a professional that has many laminated floors under his or her belt.

Thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology, more hard-wearing types of this flooring are available. Basically, a single piece is composed of four layers. The top layer is a hard and clear finish to provide protection. The second layer is the image of the material it replicates. The next layer is the core, providing the image a sturdy backing. The last layer is a barrier that helps resist moisture.

Another huge advantage this flooring has is its versatility. Installation of hardwood type of floor in the kitchen or where there's high moisture content is a no-no. But laminate ones enable you to achieve that elegant look where hardwood flooring isn't recommendable. Additionally, they're also suitable in areas with high traffic.

If you got a busy day-to-day schedule, you'll be glad to know that maintenance is a breeze. A simple sweeping or wiping with a dry cloth is all it takes for usual cleaning. A vacuum cleaner with an attached soft brush on the nozzle is also fine to use. However, refrain from using detergents and harsh household cleaning solutions on them. Tough stains can be removed by nail polish remover, followed with a wiping of a damp cloth.

There are manufacturers that even use recycled materials to create laminate floors. Such will surely get the nods of eco-conscious homeowners. But whether or not they're recycled, they offer an affordable and practical alternative to other flooring types. They can be installed easily, and can last for years when maintained properly.