Thor 2
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Thor: The Dark World

The official movie trailer has been released and fans are ramping up their excitement for the highly anticipated sequel to this wonderful series. We are going to get to see all the familiar faces of the original Thor and the original cast is all back and in full swing. Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, and Tom Hiddleston are all back in action and the anticipation is killing me. The sequel is here, watch and enjoy it in all of it's glory.

What to expect

After watching the trailer we can see a number of interesting things that will occur. The most notable one is that Jane (Natalie Portman) is reunited with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) which we all probably saw coming if a sequel was going to be made. Another interesting one is the fact that Thor at the end looks to be in need of help and seeks out the help of his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) for aid in the battle. I honestly think that will end up being a really need plot development for this series and I'm looking forward to seeing this play out

The plot is still hazy and vague because the news really hasn't come out yet, but from the various websites and the official trailer above we can gather that there is an ancient enemy that is older than even the universe. Odin (Anthony Hopkins) is talking in the trailer and mentions that people believed a false idea that before the universe began there was nothing, but he says that instead of nothing there was darkness and that darkness survived and is back for destruction. We are then given this notion that Thor has to make some kind of great sacrifice to save his loved ones and fight for what he believes in. Whether this means he loses Jane, someone close to him, or even the ultimate sacrifice of his own life is unclear, but we are sure that something intense will be waiting for us this fall.


Thor fans around the globe are excited for this trailer and for November 8th which is the release date of this highly anticipated film. Search results according to Google trends are topping 50,000 daily hits for Thor: The Dark World and I have no doubt that as time gets closer to the release date we will see this number top that easily. DVD sales for Thor will likely go up from this news as well as is always the case with sequels. Fans on Facebook and Twitter are pretty active, lighting up the social media universe very quickly after seeing this trailer go live. Comments on the official Youtube channel are peaking at a new comment every second.

Fans are salivating for new details, and I'm sure future interviews with big name news reporters and late night shows will give us more details that fans will eagerly eat up as soon as they are published on the internet. With the announcement of highly anticipated films in the vicinity of Thor 2 such as the new Hunger Games movie, fans are anxious for this fall/winter season to come even though they don't want the summer to fly by since great movies like Iron Man 3 are coming out shortly. It's always a wonderful feeling to have great movies to look forward to in the future.

Bringing down the hammer

This movie is set to do really well in the box office and in future sales beyond the big screen. I'm anticipating a first day release of at least $50,000,000 gross and overall at least $450,000,000 worldwide gross when the movie finally gets taken out of theaters worldwide. Marvel fans and superhero fans in general are happy and excited to give up their money to buy tickets to see these big name films and Thor 2 won't be any different in its appeal and energy it generates. This is going to get quite a bit of word of mouth, and fans are going to be lining up all over the world upon release of Thor: The Dark World to see our warrior god take on more ancient evil. DVD sales will probably do just as good as the original Thor movie, so overall another big hit is in the works for Marvel.

More in the works

As time goes on we will see more information leaked and more reviews and interviews pop up on the social media universe. Keeping an eye on trends and latest news results, I plan on continually taking in what is released and hopefully update what there is to come. People are talking nonstop about this movie and it's sure to be a huge hit. Youtube will continue to see a large gain in traffic for Thor search strings and videos will do very well in views and comments with any new information that has to do with the movie or the actors / actresses involved.