Of all of the signs of the Zodiac, Libras feel that it is their duty to ensure that fairness, equity, and an atmosphere of cooperation prevail. Libras are not loners, and will be most productive when working in teams. They are great team players, as they will not instigate any trouble and will treat everyone involved equally.

There is a tendency to view the Libra as someone who has trouble making decisions. You must realize that the Libra will spend as much time as necessary to adequately weigh their options prior making a judgment, and you can be confident that the resulting decision will be a sound one. Planning and establishing order are two of the Libra's greatest talents. Libras are naturals when it comes to social situations, as they are approachable, good conversationalists, and have highly charismatic personalities. Libras may sometimes require a pep talk from a friend when they experience a lull in activity.

They are very interested in all of details of the lives of their friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. You will never accuse a Libra of behaving inappropriately. In fact, they will even concede a point when it will help prevent conflict. Although they are not the best choice to direct a group, Libras are the perfect individual to be assigned to outline the procedure necessary for executing the group's assignment. The Libra will also help the group to stay on task, and avoid unnecessary arguments, by shedding light on how to solve a problem equitably. When a task is reliant on a decision that is made without any partiality at all, the Libra is, without a doubt, the person for the job.

Libras and Relationships:

Married life and a happy home are two elements of life that leave the Libra completely satisfied. It is the quality time that they spend with their spouse or significant other and their loved ones, that gives the Libra a sense of having everything they need. Once involved in a committed relationship, this union will, for the most part, define who the Libra is. Libras are quite open to new experiences with their spouse, whether on a physical or emotional level.

A Libra will pull out all the stops when it comes to enhancing their relationship with their lover, ensuring that it stays new and exciting. All of their efforts are focused on creating a peaceful relationship in which both parties are happy. The Libra will not typically chase an individual who they are interested in, but instead will wait for the other person to make the first move. Libras love to be pampered!

The perfect mate for a Libra is an individual who can relate to their desire to create an enchanting ambiance, to set the scene for an evening of quiet romance. Not only will this perfect partner participate in whatever the Libra may come up with, but they also offer creative ideas to take a romance to another level. If you want to truly satisfy your Libra, you will build a life with them, where you include them in all aspects of what you do, so that they feel they are a part of your life.