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Did you know that you can buy organic cat food? Well, you can. There is a relatively recent trend to go organic, including organic pet food. People are looking for a healthy cat food to feed their beloved felines. If you are looking to buy cat food, you can try your local supermarket or the convenience and ease of online shopping through such sites as Amazon. Let's take a look at organic food in relation to cats.

What Exactly Does The Words "Organic Pet Food" Mean?

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A food is organic when it was grown or raised without chemicals including fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics, hormones, supplemental hormones and drug medications. This applies to both plants, including fruits and vegetables as well as animals including seafood. To be considered organic vegetables and fruits are grown on land that has not been exposed to chemicals for at least three years.

In the case of Organic Pet Food for dogs and cats this can include the animal meat that goes into the food. For instance, By OrganiPets sells an organic dry cat food. In order to be considered organic everything that goes into the diet has to be free of these chemicals andd additives, including food colouring and artificial sweeteners. The chicken has to be free from genetic modification and growth hormones.

Benefits of an Organic Diet

  • Pick OrganiPets Complete Organic Cat FoodCredit: diets cut out the preservatives and conservatives from the diet, making the food healthier.
  • If these chemicals are not used, the environment also benefits because there is no chance of pollution.
  • Organic foods have higher nutrients including vitamins and minerals and taste better than the alternatives.
  • People are concerned with genetically altered fruits, vegetables and even animals. The truth is that this is so new that it impossible to know what the long-term effects of these things are on health.

OrganiPets Complete Organic Cat Food

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This cat food is sold in a 5 kg bag. OrganiPets offers a range of different animal foods for both cats and dogs. The ingredients included in this food include chicken, rice, oats, barley, peas, oils, milk, linseed, and certain types of meal. The chicken used is advertised as human-grade and free range organic. The oats and barley provide energy and the linseed adds linolenic acid. The oils are important minerals for a healthy cat and cat coat. None of the OrganiPets products contain soy or wheat.   

A Look at the OrganiPets Company

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OrganiPets is a UK-based company that supports local producers first and all of their packaging is recyclable. It also supports a local animal shelter. It gives back to the British community and environment. The food produced by OrganiPets is 88% organic and they are working towards raising this level. OrganiPets has been accredited by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the Ethical Company and The Campaign for Real Pet Food. Their products include an organic dog food, organic cat food, organic puppy food and organic dog treats.