Sky Broadband - The Benefits to You

In the broadband industry Sky broadband has a very good reputation.  There are a number of reasons for this and we will look at some here including:

  • Fair usage policies
  • Traffic management
  • Stability of connectivity
  • Price and speed.

Fair Usage and Traffic Management Policies

The majority of internet service providers have a fair usage policy that they impose on their customers.  Often these are hidden from view when you’re buying the deal, deep in the small prints. It’s only when consumers start to stream movies and watch online television that they realise that they are being traffic managed and having their data slowed because of the package they are on.

Sky broadband offers a completely unlimited broadband experience.  You can download as much as you want.  You can Peer To Peer file share, and you can do so any time of the day or night without any issues from the provider.  This is perhaps one of the best features of Sky broadband and why people say they are so good.

It’s only really BT, BE broadband, and Virgin Media on their very top priced package that can compare with Sky on their fair usage policy and traffic management.

Stability of Connection

When it comes to how stable your connection is, it’s important for streaming of movies, online gaming, and any activity where you have a constant flow of data.

Sky has performed extremely well on Ofcom measures of stability and has been right up there leading the industry.

Virgin Media, perhaps Sky’s biggest competitor because of their TV offering, have had problems in the past with their stability and they have poorer latency times in general.

Internet isn’t just down to download speed, although it is that measure that gets the headline rate.  Those that know broadband understand that Sky does actually do better in some regards than Virgin Media broadband.

The Price of Sky Broadband and TV Packages

Sky broadband is taken up not just by people looking for broadband but of course people looking for an overall package of Sky Digital TV, Talk, and broadband.

They offer very good deals when it comes to bundling of packages.  You can get a deal offering all three, starting from around £36 per month and that includes line rental.  A comparable package on Virgin is around £60 so the price is impressive.  In fact if you want fibre optic broadband and can get it in your area, you can add it to your Sky package for just £20 a month.  For an unlimited, fast broadband service up to around 38Mbps, this is a very good price.  On top of all this they have a Lite option for their Sky digital TV consumers where they can have 2GB of data per month for absolutely free. 

Other Deals Available From Sky

Sky also offers deals in between that are good.  Their ADSL LLU broadband offers speed that are comparable to the super fast fibre optic broadband with speeds up to around 24Mbps and if you’re fortunate enough to be close to a telephone exchange, you can get really good ADSL connectivity.

In regions where there is fibre optic broadband for Virgin, Sky tends to have installed LLU into the exchange and therefore offer decent connections to compete with the Virgin Media connections.

Sky currently has fibre optic broadband to around a third of UK homes.

The Speeds of Fibre Optic and ADSL Broadband on Sky

The speeds of broadband are to a certain extent dictated by where you are.  If you can get fibre optic Sky broadband and want to pay the £20 a month, you can get speeds of up to around 38Mbps. 

ADSL varies markedly due to where you are.

Why does ADSL vary?

ADSL is delivered over the copper cables that were put in place for landline technology.  Therefore, the speed of the internet data is not as fast as through fibre optic cables that were designed to carry internet data.  The further you go from a telephone exchange, the slower the connections you are likely to get because the speeds slow over every meter of cable from the exchange.  This is why around 160,000 UK homes can’t get decent ADSL connectivity and are in ADSL black spots.

The TV Offering from Sky

In any piece about Sky Broadband and TV packages, it’s worth talking about the excellent offering of Sky TV.  They have some of the best sports coverage, news, documentaries, and entertainment available on TV.  For me, they have a better offering than Virgin, TalkTalk, or BT.

With the new Sky Go functionality, where you can watch online TV on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop on the go, the options really have increased.  Indeed, there’s no need any more to subscribe to a service in order to watch on your phone.  All you need is to have Sky Go as part of your broadband and your TV package subscriptions.  

The wireless hotspots available from Sky are delivered through the cloud and are available around the UK.  The offering really is comprehensive, affordable, cheap, and the broadband is some of the best available in the market today. 

If you’re looking for a service provider for digital TV, then don’t immediately run towards Virgin because of the faster broadband.  At the end of the day do you really need 96Mbps? Consider Sky as a really good option that is affordable stable and frankly terrific value for your money.

Top Tip

In order to find out whether you can get Virgin or Sky broadband, do a postcode check on one of the Ofcom approved websites.  There are tools available throughout the internet, and you can find them on sites such as, uSwitch, and Sam Knows Best.

By understanding what you can get, you can quickly shortlist the providers to choose from.  In addition you can view top speeds of different providers on comparison sites and see actual speeds that people are getting in your area through postcode internet service provider service tools.

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