What the heck is Chime.in? Are you looking for new social networking site and are tired of Twitter or Facebook? Chime.in offers a unique form of social networking and is a bit like both Facebook and Twitter. This site allows users to communicate based upon their interests, form communities and discuss topics that only they are interested in. In this article we’ll take a closer look at Chime.in and how it can benefit you.

Sending Chimes in Chime.in

The basic principal of Chime.in revolves around “chimes.” A chime can be a link, poll, video, or image that you upload to the website and share with people interested in your topic.   So if you have a link you like you can share it, along with a description and descriptive tags for that chime. Other people who are subscribed to that interest will see your chime. Your chimes are seen on the entire site too, but you can target specific people who only are interested in that chime topic.  For chimes you can save it comment on the chime, share the chime, and like the chime. Let’s discuss “interests” and how they work. 

Chime Interests

Chime BoxCredit: Author

On Chime.in there are several interest categories such as humor, blogging, photography, computers, and so on.  People can subscribe to different interest categories and receive chimes based upon these topics. So for example, if I create a link to a writing article and create “article writing” tag under my link then people who like article writing will receive my chime. You can easily add your own interests and start receiving those chimes from people making them. Every chime must have an interest tag and you can’t send a chime without one, so the more descriptive you are the better it is for your chime. These tags are like keywords and they work the same way. 



A Chime.in community is a great way to add Chimes to something you like. For example I created a Chime.in community on “guitar gear.” Now every time I create a chime about guitar gear and include the proper tag it goes into my chime community. Anyone can join your community or you can have a moderated group. People who write chimes abut guitar gear have them appear in the chime community on that subject. You can add interests to your community so more chimes appear there.


A storyboard is like a community but it is much more focused and you can only add chimes that you pick to the storyboard so it has one central theme. For example a storyboard about the Oscars 2012 would have only stories relating to the 2012 Oscars so it’s focused around that one theme. This is a great way to showcase some articles or other materials around one theme and gain interest and views on your content or just to share with others something you have a passion for.

Your Profile

You can add interests, videos, images, and articles to your profile page and see your followers and who you are following in Chime.in.  It’s also easy to send items to Twitter or Facebook too. Your chimes are all listed on your profile page so it’s a great way to get visitors looking at your previous content and generating more views. Your communities and storyboards are all visibleas well.

Chime.in Has Potential

There are lots of ways to communicate in Chime.in and this social media site has tremendous potential even though it’s only been around a short time. Some monetization features are coming to the site in the near future as well, including monetization features. Give Chime.in a try it has some great features and should grow in the coming year. It is unclear if it will ever reach the status of Facebook or Twitter but anything is possible.