HP has introduced a new smartbook/netbook hybrid called the Compaq AirLife 100, after the Mobile World Congress happened earlier this year in Barcelona. The new HP Compaq AirLife 100 is expected to be released to the public, likely the European market at first, sometime in 2010.

Thanks to an agreement signed between HP and Telefonica in November 2009, the world can now enjoy joint mobile broadband services such as the kind found in the new HP Compaq AirLife 100.

According to Charl Snyman, vice president and Director General of HP PSG in Europe, Middle East and Africa, "the new Compaq Airlife 100 is the next step in the evolution of portable computers designed specifically for the web".

HP Compaq AirLife 100

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Features of the New HP Compaq AirLife 100

This new upcoming netbook with integrated smartbook technology will feature Instant-On for quick and easy access to all types of documents, folders, files, messaging, e-mails, and so forth. HP has not yet confirmed for certain what type of processor will be used for their new Compaq AirLife 100, but it is heavily rumoured to be powered by Snapdragon.

It is also expected to feature a 3G network, which means that it will be able to connect anywhere a 3G mobile phone is able to connect; in other words, virtually everywhere. If that wasn't good enough for you, the HP Compaq AirLife 100 will also feature built-in wireless capabilities. This is good news for those who aren't the best at messing with network connections and all that confusing nonsense. With it being built-in, you shouldn't have to worry about any of the frustration of setting a connection up manually. It's already there waiting for you, just begging to be used.

We're not even close to being done discussing all the great features on this amazing new HP Compaq AirLife 100. As one of the most technologically advanced netbooks on the market (or soon to be), it will naturally feature the massively popular Android technology. This will allow you enjoy all of the same benefits of the mind boggling Android technology that is currently being featured on many of the newer cell phones.

You will be able to send e-mails, multimedia, instant messaging, and anything else you can think of to any phone that also uses the Android technology directly from the Compaq AirLife 100. This also allows you to experience multi-tasking like you never thought possible in a netbook or a smartbook.

The screen size for the new HP netbook/smartbook hybrid is going to be 10.1 inches, and will be featuring a customized touch interface. This touchscreen on the Compaq AirLife 100 is one of the more advanced kinds out there right now, integrating haptic technology which will allow you to experience the wonders of an uber-advanced touch interface that makes zooming in and out of webpages very easy. It also includes a shortcut menu leading to additional touch resources.

I think my favorite part about the new HP Compaq AirLife 100 is the VGA webcam that comes installed right there with your netbook. The battery of the netbook itself will keep the VGA webcam charged for up to 10-12 hours on just one single charge.

For storage, the HP Compaq Airlife 100 will come fully equipped with a 16GB SSD (solid state drive). For extra storage, they have installed a SD card slot in case you want to use one of those as well. Now, wasn't that nice of them?

How do you like the new Compaq AirLife 100?

Well, after seeing that beautiful picture of this unreleased netbook/smartbook hybrid, and reading all the amazing features it's expected to come with, what do you think? It looks to me like HP is starting to do some big things, as if they haven't already in the past. The new Compaq AirLife 100 is going to be the first of its kind, so long as they can make sure all their bugs are worked out before another company decides to get their own version out first (highly unlikely).

I, for one, cannot wait to go to Best Buy and look at one of these first hand. Unfortunately, this writer doesn't have the kind of money to spend on ridiculously awesome things like this. Maybe one day...