The Right Time to Move Internet Provider

If you have been considering moving your internet bills to Sky broadband, this is could be the right time to do so. With their new Sky Hub SR101, many people are making the switch.  This device was launched late last year and all customers who have signed up from that time to date have been able to get this router free of charge. Old customers are not as lucky, though, as they will have to pay 39 pounds to get this. The amount is inclusive of delivery.  In the future, however, things could change and old customers will be able to get free upgrades. Don’t hold your breath, though!

What does a Wireless Router Do?

With a  wireless router, you have a piece of hardware that will allow you connect your computers and all other devices like game consoles, smartphones, tablets, printers and so on to the internet wirelessly.  Previously, people had to use modems to receive the broadband connection, then use a separate router to setup the wireless network, or Wi-Fi.  Today all that has changed, as people can now get routers with dual functionality in one single box.

The New Router from Sky Broadband

Most broadband packages add a free wireless router to their package. However, the quality of the routers are not the same, and a router of poor quality means that the individual could end up with weak Wi-Fi signals; and when this happens, the individual will end up with slow browsing speeds, and  streaming of content online will bedifficult.  This explains why broadband providers are making conscious efforts to ensure that their routers are up-to-date.  It’s been quite a while since the last broadband router was made available to the public, so the Sky Hub SR101 is a must-have for everyone, as it comes with many new features.

What are the New Features?

The main difference between the old Sky-Broadband router and this one is that the new Sky Hub has improved wireless networking capability bundled into it. It comes with the latest “N” specification Wi-Fi standard and has 4 in-built aerials. With the aerials, the speed that is possible over wireless is fully maximised. The in-built smart signal technology automatically scans for interferences and then picks the best wireless frequency that can be used.  The new router still retains the WPS button that was available on the older router, and this allows the user to setup a secure wireless network. WPS is an acronym for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. Once you have a compatible device, you can log on to an encrypted connection without having to enter a password.

So, with this, you can see that this new router is a must-have for every family with a wireless orientation.

More Reasons to Consider Signing Up to This Broadband

The broadband network from Sky is available to over 80% of the population, and they are looking at increasing this to 90% by June 2015.   Customers who already have a TV package can sign up for the unlimited package to avoid changing TV providers.  You will pay £14.50  a month for line rentals, but you can save some money by combining your Sky broadband package with a Sky Talk package.

Free Sky broadband

The Broadband Lite, as this package is referred to, is a free broadband for individuals that have Sky Talk and Sky TV.  It comes with a monthly download limit of 2GB. If you use the internet occasionally, then this is a very good way to save money on broadband, but this package is very low for individuals who would love to watch movies, play games online and spend time on YouTube.

A truly unlimited broadband provider

The Sky Broadband Unlimited Package is one of the few truly unlimited packages in the UK. It comes without any traffic management or fair usage policy and, so, it is the preferred choice for most heavy users, as it allows them to access the web without running the risk of going beyond any limits and incurring additional costs. High-definition video streaming and the multiplayer gaming online can be done on the network without worrying about your speed being throttled.

Sky fibre optic broadband

Since April, Sky’s fibre optic broadband has delivered speeds that are six times and three times higher than the 12.7mb/s average speed on normal UK broadband.  The two Sky fibre packages on Sky can give users speeds of 38Mb/s and 76Mb/s, respectively.

Sky Fibre is presently available to 30% of the population. Since the service runs off BT’s network, increase in coverage will be dependent on how fast BT expands its network. Subscribers to the Sky Fibre Unlimited and the Sky Fibre Pro equally get unlimited downloads without any usage caps, just like the Sky Broadband Unlimited.

Presently, the Sky Unlimited Fibre Pro is only available to new customers, and old customers who are not already on either the Sky Broadband Unlimited package or the Sky Fibre Unlimited package.  According to Sky though, plans are in place to make these plans available for Sky Broadband Unlimited and Sky Fibre Unlimited customers also.

Sky broadband and fixed IP

Presently, Sky only assigns dynamic IP addresses. This could be good for some people but for those who run websites from their computers, those who want to access their computers remotely or those that operate a gaming server, this may not be ideal, as you will need a fixed IP for any of these.  An IP is simply an identifying code for your computer that changes dynamically every time you access the internet.

Benefits of Signing Up with Sky Broadband

Apart from the many money-saving packages they run, Sky customers get unlimited Wi-Fi access when they are around the thousands of hot spots run by Sky located in various bars, cafes, restaurants, train stations etc., free of charge.

Again, if the customer is already a subscriber to Sky TV and Sky Talk, he/she gets to enjoy the benefits that come with having the same provider take care of these three major bills. 

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