A new cell phone is in the works and will be released sometime in 2010, called the Vodafone 547 which is manufactured by the popular Chinese mobile technology company called ZTE. This new cell phone is sure to be a hit among quite a few enthusiasts, and you can be sure ZTE is not going to be skimping on this hot new Vodafone 547, in an attempt to compete with some of the more technologically advanced mobile phones like the Nexus One or the iPhone.

ZTE Vodafone 547With the recent announcement of the new ZTE Vodafone 547, there are going to be loads of people wanting to know what's in store for them, but unfortunately not much information is known about the new Vodafone 547 quite yet, as ZTE is keeping much of the details under wraps until it gets closer to the release date. This is actually a smart idea because I'm sure ZTE doesn't want a bunch of other cell phone companies looking at their new Vodafone 547 and trying to get some ideas of their own.

Features of the ZTE Vodafone 547

As already mentioned, there isn't a whole lot of information regarding the new Vodafone 547 yet as ZTE is not going to make a poor decision and release valuable information before they announce an actual release date. However, there are a few things to talk about with this new cell phone.

The ZTE Vodafone 547 will likely come as an entry-level cell phone, which is pretty good news for most people who don't have as much money to spend on expensive upgrade versions of cell phones. The Vodafone 547 will be manufactured by ZTE as a GSM/EDGE compatible cell phone with a sheek, yet simple design. It will come with a touchscreen, as most new cell phones often do, in an effort to keep up with the latest mobile trends and technologies. This touchscreen is expected to come in a 400 x 240-pixel resolution, which is pretty nice compared to a lot of others out there.

If you enjoy multimedia features in your cell phones, then the new ZTE Vodafone 547 will probably be one of your new favorite choices of mobile phones. Even though this new cell phone is quite simple in its design, the multimedia features are actually pretty nice. The ZTE Vodafone 547 will be coming to you equipped with an accelerometer and will be featuring a mobile TV, complete with a shortcut right there on your touchscreen.

Unfortunately, there are still quite a few questions about these sheek new mobile phones that have yet to be answered. Time will give way to much more information in regards to the ZTE Vodafone 547 and all of its features. It is known that this will likely be an entry-level cell phone, so we know that the price should not be too bad. There are also going to be several more features soon to be released to the public when it gets closer to the release date. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this hot new cell phone. With the competitiveness between cell phone companies nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if the ZTE Vodafone 547 will have some of the most technologically advanced features for an entry-level phone. They've already grabbed the attention of many fans of multimedia features on their cell phones, and there are likely many more great features in store that are to be released very soon.