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Bugatti 35 was the brainchild of Ettore Bugatti. He was a man born in Italy, who is now recognized as one of the great car designers of all time. Despite being an Italian he set up his factory at Molsheim, Alsace (France) in 1909. He hailed from a family of artists and inherited the artistic traits of his family, which he utilized in the manufacture and designing of automobiles.

Vintage cars have a charm of their own. Like old wine their value increases with the passage of time. One of the oldest vintage automobiles which have carved a niche for itself in the world is the Bugatti Type 35.

Bugatti and Cars

Vehicles made by Ettore Bugatti were state of art engineering products. They were specialist racing cars. The maker however was not blessed by god as his son Jean died in 1939 and he expired in 1947. There was no one to head the company and it fell into bad times and ultimately folded up in the late fifties of the last century. Despite the closure of the company a fair number of cars have survived and are now considered vintage autos of great value.

Closure and Revival of the Company

The Company was revived in 1990 with an aim to build special racing cars only. The brand passed into the hands of Volkswagon. During the period the company was in existence only about 8000 cars were built. These cars are a testimony to the engineering skill and genius of Bugatti, whose name is bracketed with the great all time designers of racing cars. Bugatti Type 35 is arguably the most famous racer ever built. Its value can be gauged from the fact that a two seat 1925 model with chassis no BC31 and engine number 70 was sold for £430,500.

The Type 35

 The 1924 model is regarded as the most successful racing car in world history. It was first seen at the 1924 Grand Prix of the Automobile Club of France. The car caught the eyes of enthusiasts and became an important sight at racing venues in Europe. The vehicle sported a 1,991 cc capacity engine.

The car had leaf springs in the front and quarter elliptics at the rear. It had alloy wheels and a hollow front axle, which was a novelty at that time. The auto set its own standards and in 1926 won the inaugural world championship. This was a feather in the cap of Bugatti and under his guidance his invention won many championships. The product was an excellent racing car with a near perfect power train. The car sported 8 cylinders, which helped it generate tremendous power. The type 35 is a prized vintage car. It is a testimony to the knowledge and workmanship of Bugatti. Unfortunately with his death in 1948, there is no one to carry on the legacy of the Bugatti name.

Type 35
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