Why are Bubble Shooting Games Addictive?

New Year is usually met with loud noises, bright and attractive firecrackers, and round objects. The latter is said to bring good luck, and because of that, some people blow bubbles and eat anything round to meet the year. Being an avid fan of games, I decided that instead of blowing bubbles, I’ll pop thousands of them… well, virtually of course.

 This led me to take a closer look at bubble shooter games and be amazed at how this simple form of entertainment can still be addictive years later. This type of game dates back to 1989 when an Atari’s game called Bubbles came out, and is made popular years later through Bubble Shooter (developed by Absolutist). It is a simple game really: just pop same-colored bubbles with the bubble you have by pointing it directly or bouncing it off the wall—pretty much the same with the modern versions of the game.

 Bubble shooter games have become so popular that they are even classified a separate genre on their own. How did this type of game survive for more than 20 years? There is no clear answer to that, but we can take a look at some of the features this type of game offers.



Bubble Wheel


Some games such as Bubble Spinner 2 are really easy to play. While their simple gameplay makes them fun for kids to play, their ability to test strategy skills and accuracy also makes them interesting for teenagers and adults. Perhaps this simplicity also makes these games advantageous to other games because they are easy to load  on smartphones and tablets (some of the most popular gaming media at present).


Cloudy Bubbles


 Much of the gameplay has not changed; however, with the rise of various platforms (including Flash), these games have gained different looks and styles to cater to players of all ages and preferences. Those who like the classic versions may appreciate Cloudy Bubbles, a simple bubble shooting game that has a unique feature called Colorblind Mode wherein instead of colors, the bubbles have numbers for easier detection (you can switch this feature off). Younger ones may like games such as Woobies, while those who like to experience more eye-catching graphics and lots of twists and power-ups may appreciate a popular game for Flash called Greemlins Kamikaze.


Greemlins KamikazeCredit: http://nightspawnsgamereviews.blogspot.com/


Most of these games are easily available for free play on Flash websites, making it possible to open a tab on your computer and play them during breaks or when you are in the mood for fun. Some applications, such as Bubble Shooter Adventure, can also be downloaded on your phone so you can shoot some bubbles while on the go.


Having said these, it is no wonder this particular genre of game is still popular despite the rise of games with heavier graphics and a more complicated plot. Although 3D and high-definition games are great, sometimes simpler and more readily available games such as bubble-shooting games are enough for some.