The following are mostly food-related ideas to consider when celebrating Christmas.

Baking Cookies

Are you thinking of baking cookies for Christmas? There is a way to make perfect cookies for everyone to enjoy. If you decide to follow the recommendations on the article, you're on your way to achieving that. It also has recipes for these delicious cookies: snickerdoodles, peanut butter crackles and gingersnaps.

The same article also has ideas on setting the mood to the holiday season while you cook and bake Christmas food. One idea is to wear a Christmas-theme apron that is either bought or made by you. Another idea is to decorate empty wine bottles with Christmas images. The bottle can be used as valuable containers that hold herb vinegars or vinaigrette salad dressing. The third idea that the article has is having Christmas plates to be used by your guests when they come to eat at your place.

I found another recipe for cookies. Are you craving for some Christmas snowball cookies? Well, the only thing I could do to help is to direct you to a recipe. At the end of the directions, it states you could place some other kinds of nuts on the cookies. You could also use finely grated orange rind instead of lemon rind. Keep in mind to use lemons that aren't waxed.

Could you imagine seeing cookies with diameters as long as cakes? I wouldn't mind at all to eat big cookies by myself. It's one thing to make them mega-size, but to also decorate them with designs and/or text is truly marvelous to do and see. There is a recipe to make large cookies. The article states to use a pizza pan to bake the cookies. Also, they need to be cool and in the pan while they are being decorated.

Along with a cookie recipe, the article also has a recipe to make the frosting. It even explains what to do if you don't have any decorating bags or tips to place your frosting. If you're look to double or reduce the recipe, it is recommended that you don't try to because many have tried and achieved only a little bit of success.


Christmas is not a cold day for every part of the globe. For the places that are expected to more than layers of clothing, eating a warm bowl of gumbo (soup) may be a good idea. The author calls it a "Louisiana Comfort Food." The person has a recipe for it that has been altered for years to perfect it. The person used the recipe to enter a gumbo cook-off contest in Houston, and was victorious.

Main Dish

If you are not interested in cooking gumbo, how about try to cook a nice casserole for dinner that is supposed to be easy to do. Take a look and see if it truly is easy.

Black Forest Cake

Many desserts that originated in Europe made their way to the United States. One of them is the Black Forest cake, which is from Germany. The cake is always baked with a total of four layers. The bottom layer is a pastry crust and is flavored with cherry schnapps or Kirschwasser (fruit brandy). The other layers consist of chocolate sponge, cherries, and whipped cream. The frosting for the cake is the whipped cream. If you have tried this dessert more than once, would you consider it to be one of the tastiest of all that came from Germany?

I'm not only providing you a link to the history of the Black Forest cake, which has more than one theories on how it got its name, but also a recipe for the sweet dessert. The author of the article said the recipe is the one that the person's great grandmother used to treat everybody.

More Desserts

There's another 4-layered dessert I would like to mention that will leave you salivating for pictures of it. It is chocolate four layer pudding. First and foremost, make sure you have ample space in your refrigerator since it must be refrigerated. The recipe has thorough instructions for each four layers. Glass baking dishes are not meant to be heated over 350 degrees; therefore, a stainless steel pan should be utilize for this dessert.

Doesn't saying the word "eclair" make the speaker sound classy? The letter e should have an accent mark above it. The word originates from an Old French word, "esclair," meaning lightning. Anyways, there's a recipe for making classic chocolate eclairs. Only five ingredients are needed to make the wonderful dessert.

Go ahead and try to make a chocolate mug cake. It takes only five minutes. That's a total of 300 seconds.


Now it's time to share a website that sells Christmas-themed tableware. A website called Shindigz sells party items for many different occasions. I found information and images of tableware to use during the December holiday. The URL for it is

Among the selections that I see on the items listed is Enchanted Christmas Dessert Plates, which can be found at I think it makes sense to feature what else but a dessert plate. Major part of this article has been spent informing some dessert recipes. The background for the tableware is white. It's a new complement to a more vibrant color of red that is shaded quite a bit. It's duller than crimson red. A reindeer and its antlers are of that color, which are the main illustrations for the plates. The reindeer is actually off-center to the right. I am surprised that they placed it there. In fact, the objects are colored solidly. There's no facial expression on the reindeer, but it looks like it is ready to take some steps forward with its legs in motion to do so. The artwork is great as it doesn't look plain. It also has drawings of green leaves and gray snowflakes.

Gallery of Yummy Looking Cakes

I just had to include some information about pictures of cakes since I kept on coming across articles that featured them.

A webpage at has a very nice vertical gallery of vibrant images of Christmas cakes. They are just marvelous to look at. The people that created them are very talented. I think the artists' profile should be included somewhere on the website. Furthermore, I wish I could eat all of them without getting sick.