I am having a love affair with Franco Sarto’s shoes.  It seems like every time I see a pair of shoes that excites me, the name on the label is Franco Sarto.  I'm drawn to his shoes even before I realize they are his designs.  Perhaps Italy's romance speaks to me in the lines of his shoes. After all, European fashion has a special allure and this Italian designer is no exception.

Red Patent Leather High HeelsMy latest catch is a pair of red patent leather heels that makes me feel like a supermodel when I wear them.  They are head turners for sure, but what I did not expect is how surprisingly practical they are as well.  Take the zipper up the back of the heel which I thought was just a sexy design element. It was only after trying them on that I realized the zipper lets your foot easily escape out of the shoe without unbuckling the strap.  Franco obviously listens to the women who wear his shoes because those tiny buckles are frustrating to undo.

The secret that has made this romance with Franco Sarto shoes last is the way his shoes feel when I wear them.  They are actually comfortable.  Add to that a price tag that isn't high into the stratosphere and my heart was his.  As a matter of fact, when his shoes are on sale they are downright affordable.  For instance, I purchased those exquisite red patent leather shoes for under $30 on sale.  Originally, I believe they were $80, which is still not insane for a fashionable pair of shoes.

I will never forget my first Franco Sarto purchase, as it was our first date of sorts.  It was a pair of knee-high black leather boots that I bought about 3 years ago.  I was searching for a good boot for a long time and just couldn't commit until the classic but stylish look of Franco's boot captured my eye.  I expected to try them on and find them attractive but uncomfortable.  To my surprise, they were anything but.  I'm happy to say that I still love and wear them as much now as I did when I first bought them.  They are well crafted unlike some boots that stretch out over time or become unusable when the zipper breaks.   

Franco was really the first designer that opened my eyes to the idea that shoes could be attractive without torturing my feet.  I rarely ever wore heels and always wondered how other people could function in them so easily.  After all, it doesn't take very many bad experiences in shoes that don't fit right or are poorly designed to leave you broken-hearted.

Brown Wedge Sandals

For summer, Franco swept me off my feet with an elegant wedge sandal.  The beauty is in the rich-toned leather that looks incredible with any outfit.  Plus, this shoe isn't overly chunky.  Compared to other wedges I tried on, this one was more versatile with both my casual and dressy outfits.

I recently went to Franco Sartro’s website and it turns out that his belief is “that cutting edge fashion need not compromise wearability.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.