Credit: Africa Exclusive

A Luxury Family Safari with the Elephants

Today, travelers can enjoy a variety of safari activities on a luxury family safari. From walking in the wilderness and canoeing down a river to taking a hot air balloon ride over some of Africa’s greatest wildlife parks, there is something for everyone. One of the most popular activities is the elephant encounters. Available in many African countries including Botswana and South Africa, these encounters allow you and your family to ride an African elephant and interact with the creatures on a personal level.  It’s a well-known fact that all children love animals. They spend most of their childhood reading about wild animals and watching them in cartoons and in the movies so imagine their faces when you tell them they’ll get to see elephants up close! A luxury family safari spent with these beautiful animals will certainly be one to remember!

Botswana’s Amazing Elephants

Botswana is home to the largest remaining elephant population in the world. Taking a luxury family safari in this country means you’re guaranteed to see lots of elephants and if you’re lucky enough to be staying at one of the luxury safari lodges, you’ll get the opportunity to meet these gentle giants. The Chobe National Park, situated in northern Botswana is best known for its huge herds of elephant with an estimated 50,000 living here alone. Of course you’ll get to see other magnificent creatures whilst on safari in the Chobe including zebra, lion, buffalo, leopard, hyena and plenty of bird species. Another superb location that teems with elephants is the Okavango Delta. The world’s largest inland delta is home to over 160 mammal species and 157 reptile species with thousands of elephants being the main highlight. On a luxury family safari you can see these stunning creatures drinking and playing and you can even ride one yourself!

Elephant Encounters on a Luxury Family Safari

Time spent with elephants on your luxury family safari will be an unforgettable experience. Just don’t forget to take your camera to capture your children with these wonderful creatures. Many of the safari lodges and camps offer elephant activities with the chance to get up close and personal and also take a ride on the back of one. On an elephant back safari you’ll have a splendid view of an elephants journey whilst admiring the breath-taking scenery around you. Many lodges actually match the elephant according to your personality traits and you’ll then get to spend hours with your elephant watching it play, feeding it and tucking them into bed! A luxury family safari with the elephants will be one vacation to treasure forever!