Luxury Family SafariCredit: Africa ExclusiveCredit: Africa Exclusive

Kenya - The Perfect Place for a Luxury Family Safari

For an authentic luxury family safari why not go to the home of the original safari holiday, Kenya. Here, you and your family can try your luck at spotting the “Big Five” while feeling slightly surreal at travelling through the country’s immensely beautiful lands. Nothing can beat the great pleasure of waking up every morning to have Mount Kilimanjaro on your doorstep or taking a mid-afternoon stroll through Rift Valley to take the views in all their splendor. Your luxury family safari is a time when it really pays to splurge; book a hot air balloon safari  and give your ears a well earnt rest as your children are left speechless by an aerial view of the Mara plains or listen to their shrieks of sheer exuberance as you race on horseback across the vast open spaces that are just crying out to be explored.

Plan Your Perfect Getaway

Kenya is theperfect luxury family safari destination and can be designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Types of accommodation can include tents pitched smack in the middle of the wilderness, comfortable lodges with onsite pools and luxurious elevated tree top houses where spa treatments are readily available - with you either settling in one camp in one region or choosing to sample the various ways of enjoying your luxury family safari by moving from area to another. Travel is also as varied, with the quickest and smoothest method being light aircraft. However, embarking on other modes of transportation, such as open vehicles, boats or even camel rides, can be just as fun and relaxed, allowing you to catch sight of animals you may have missed from the air. But safari is not the only activity available to you whilst holidaying in Kenya, try meeting members from world famous tribes, quad biking around the plains or just exploring your amazing surroundings as a family and bonding over new experiences.

Don't Forget The Grandparents on Your Luxury Family Safari

Create memories that money just can’t buy and take other relatives along with you to Kenya. Discover a luxury family safari is the perfect way to spend time together with grandparents, siblings, aunties, uncles etc. Multiple generations all holidaying together can be a very special event so make the most of it and book an entire lodge to have just for yourselves, take family excursions and capture the happy moments forever, spending time just enjoying each other in comfortable, relaxing surroundings. Once you get home, you’ll realize that booking a luxury family safari was the best thing you’ve ever done!