Maid service can be a great option for homeowners looking for flexible, affordable cleaning that can be easily tailored to suit their needs. The word "maid" can paint an outdated, stuffy picture for some people but the old-fashioned stereotype of a subservient teenager in a scruffy apron, struggling to complete a lengthy series of tasks whilst skivvying from morning until night is just that – an old-fashioned stereotype. Today's maids are professional, properly-trained service providers, often male as well as female, who can tailor their services to fit a client's needs. Traditional maid's tasks include ironing, dusting, washing-up, laundry and changing bedlinen but many companies providing maid service can offer much more that this. Some maids can provide help with childcare as well as with cooking and waitressing at private dinner parties and events. There are even some who will be happy to help with dog-walking and car-washing – the important thing to remember is to avoid assuming anything without specifically confirming with a prospective maid service or cleaner exactly what duties he or she is willing to perform, and which will fall outside the remit.

Think about how important it is to you to have the same person regularly cleaning your house or business (with self-employed, individual cleaners, this is not of course such an issue). Many clients find it advantageous to have one cleaning lady permanently assigned to their contract, week in week out – this can work especially well for households with specialist or more unusual services are required, or ones with complicated security systems that would otherwise need to be explained to different cleaners every week. Other people are happy to see a new face every time their cleaner arrives – this tends to be a better option for maid service jobs where security worries are not necessarily as much of an issue, perhaps where the client is on-site full-time. Given, however, that it is advisable to build up a good, open relationship with your cleaner if possible, most clients find it preferable to have the same person perform their regular cleaning tasks.

Security is a major concern for many people considering entering into a contract with a maid service company. If you have high numbers of valuable items, or potentially valuable information, on your premises then make sure you are happy with your security arrangements before allowing access to cleaners and maids, and think about whether or not you are prepared to give security information, such as alarm codes or the locations of spare keys etc, to a cleaning lady. It can be difficult, logistically, for cleaners to perform their jobs properly without adequate access to all areas required so be ready to make some adjustments if necessary, such as the relocation of valuables, ensuring that a member of the household or business is present to allow access if needed etc. It is also easy to overlook aspects such as insurance for accidental damage, loss or theft – ensure that you know exactly whose insurance policy covers what before embarking on a house cleaners contract of any kind.