Having a good quality sander around the shop or garage is going to be something that you probably won't think you need to do, until the day comes when you find yourself without a sander, and needing to finish a large sanding project, like refinishing a door, or sanding down the hood of a car for repainting.

In my experience, there is one sander that is a cut above the rest, and if you do find yourself needing to replace the sander around the house, you may want to consider adding a Makita sander to your set of tools. If you do choose Makita, you are not going to be dissatisfied any time soon. I am a general contractor, and they are the only brand that I purchase for my guys and my trailers. We have Makita saws and sanders that are more than 10 years old, with duct tape all over the machine, black electrical tape up and down the power cord, new plugs on the ends of the cords, you name it, we have done it to our Makita sanders. The point behind this is that it doesn't matter what you do to a Makita sander, you aren't going to break it. If you do break it, get the duct tape or electrical tape out, and you're back in business.

A Makita belt sander can save you a lot of time if you are needing to sand a large flat surface, such as tMakita Sanderhe front or back doors to your house, or maybe the siding on the home, or the garage, or even sanding down garage doors. These belt sanders really do save your arms, and by the end of the day, you won't even realize you were using one if you end up going with Makita.

If you hang drywall for a living, or have even taken on a drywall project or two, then you may have already thought about using an automatic sander for your finishing work. A Mikita drywall sander is exactly what you need, because they have put a lot of research and development into this product. They have ensured the proper speeds in order to avoid burning the tape, or sanding down through the top layer of paper on the sheet rock. Having to sand by hand is a long painstaking process, so if you have been breaking your arms, legs, and back trying to hand sand to finish, you need to consider adding a power sander to your trailer.

For those of you that work more in the automotive field, you have probably used a sander on more than one occasion, especially those of you in the auto body industry. You guys do more sanding and prepping on cars than any other type of business in the automotive industry, so you know more than anyone else how important a sander is. Having a Makita disc sander on your toolbox is going to save you a lot of time in prep and bondo work.

In my experience, Makita just makes great, long-lasting tools. From the latest Makita 18v cordless drill with the new lithium batteries from Makita to a great line of sanders, you just can't go wrong.