Just look at you sitting there in your very own brand new man cave. You must be so
proud. Show me around a little bit please.

So over on the wall is the mandatory dart board. Wow, you went big time and got the
electronic one. That's cool. And then next to it is the granite topped bar with four bar
stools and not just stools either they even have arms on them. Awesome dude. Hey,
wasn't there a small card table over in that corner before? How in the world did you find
a great card table like that? It even has hidden drawers for the poker chips and cards. I
am so jealous. Isn't that one of those replica popcorn making machines there on the
table next to the bar? I love popcorn. That will come in handy on our first night to use
this place.

Hey, where+Cs the refrigerator and wet bar? Oh, under the bar, out of site. That+Cs a good
idea. Don+Ct want anyone getting free samples now do we? So when does the pool
table get delivered?

What? You don't have plans for a pool table in here? That just isn't right. You must
have a pool table or it isn+Ct a qualified man cave. Why don't you have one yet? You
spent all the money to create your own space so I think you should cough up a little
more to make it complete. What? You don't know how to buy a pool table. Well,
fortunately for you I do. Sit down here and I'll explain what you need to have and why.

You can't just go out and buy just any pool table. Tables are personal and you have to
treat it like part of the family once it is here. If you get the wrong one it will feel like a
step-child, unloved and left alone in a dark room. It just isn't right. You have to love it,
use it and take care of it like it is your own flesh and blood.

Lets go over what you'll need to make a wise buying decision. It really isn't hard but it
does take a little time and you want to get it right the first time. Pool tables are heavy
and you only want to move it one time. Trust me on this. I know these things.

First off, you'll need to establish just how big of a table you can fit into your space.
Looks to me like you could fit an eight footer in here just fine but they do make smaller
and bigger ones too. You have to remember that just because the table fits into your
room you still need enough room all around it to be able to properly draw back the cue
without anything getting in the way.

Okay, secondly you have to decide what style of table you want. Do you want
something ornate, something basic or something in between. Basic is good to start out
with and it will last for years. You should consider a basic table especially if you have
kids that are going to be using it for a few years. All of their friends will want to play and
you don't want to have to be worrying about something expensive right now. I know
your kids wouldn't hurt it but what about the other kids that perhaps don't have respect
for other people's property? You should wait to upgrade until the kids are grown and out
of the house.

Great, you've determined that you can fit an eight footer in your room and that you'll
have plenty of room to play. And you've decide that you will hold off on the expensive
table until later on. Good for you. It is a great start. Now lets move on to actually
finding a table that is best for you.

A pool table is a piece of furniture and as such it needs to fit into the decor of the room
in which you intend to put it. It has too look like it belongs there. Sort of like a sofa or
your favorite arm chair. They “fit” into the area and look as though they were designed
specifically for the space they occupy. It is the same thing with a pool table. But you
can't just concentrate on how it looks. There are other considerations you must look at.
For example: What is the quality of the construction of the table. It has been said, and
it is true, that you get what you pay for.

A good pool table will have a slate top that won't warp. Years ago tops were made out
of wood but they would soon lose their shape and became useless. You should be
aware that some tables are still built using wood playing surfaces. Avoid them. Your
new table should come with a one-piece slate top that will not warp, chip or in any way
hinder your play. You want the surface to be smooth.  The surface of your table will be covered with felt and is usually made of 75% wool and 25% very fine cotton blend which allows the balls to roll smoothly. The higher the thread count the better the felt is and it isn't something that you want to replace as it can be very expensive and must be done by a professional.

The side cushions on the table are just as important as the surface. They should be
made of the highest quality pure gum rubber with canvas on top and on the back of the

There are several table sizes from which you can chose. A 7 foot table is generally
found in pool halls and are coin operated. The standard home size is an 8 foot table
with a playing surface of 88” x 44.” Tournament tables are 9 feet with a playing surface
of 100” x 50.” It really is a matter of how much room you have and what you intend to
do with the table. If you+Cre going to practice to become a pro then the 8 foot table is for
you. If your table is just for recreation then I would suggest the 7 foot one.

One more piece of equipment is necessary in order to play pool and that is the cue.
They range on average about 57 inches long with a wide end near where you hold it
and is tapered at the other end where it contacts the ball. Cue sticks are a matter or
preference also. You should try several before making your purchase.

So, where are you going to find the perfect table? Well, if you have a pretty high budget
I would recommend going to and searching for pool tables. The best that
I've found are made by Brunswick. Although the price can be high you must remember
that a good pool table is an investment and not simply something to play a game on. It
will match the room into which you will be putting it and will offer hours on hours of
family entertainment. Prices can vary from around $300.00 for a general purpose table
to over $6,000.00 for a great Brunswick table.

Find the right table for you and enjoy it for years to come. You won't be sorry you took
just a little extra time to explore all of the possibilities. And now, because of our short
lesson here today, you can make an intelligent decision based on fact rather than
whimsy. And now...

Rack-em-up. We've got some serious pool to play.