I remember growing up as a teenager and finding out that arguably the most attractive girl at our school actually had 6 toes. It was kinda weird and interesting at the same time because you have so many questions. So take that idea and imagine if a person had two penises. That is the case with a rare condition known as Diphallia or Diphallus.

This rare condition that is most commonly called Diphallia is where a man is born with two penises. This is much different than the scenario I mentioned above about a person with an extra toe. An extra finger or two is something that is essentially just extra tissue on the body serving no purpose. Whereas the penis is used in both sexual reproduction and releasing wastes out of the body. Therefore a condition such as Diphallia could lead to more problems than many other like situations.

So among the many questions that arise from a man being born with two penises is just the interest in exactly how rare is such a condition as Diphallus. Well according to statistics only 1 out of every 5,500,000 men in the United States are born with the condition. However I question those numbers considering that there are only 100 documented cases of the condition. The math just doesn't add up to support that statistic at least in my opinion. But then again I suppose there are those embarrassed or unsure of the condition that keep it a secret in life.

This condition also known as penile duplication (PD) is caused when two genital tubercles develop causing a partial or complete duplicate of the penis. Now the members of the male body can either be together side-by-side or on top of each other in close proximity. But they can also be apart as well. It is said to have even been an extreme cast where they were sort of twisted together in a strange and painful deformity.

Something that has often been mentioned with Diphallia is the size of the two penises. As with many other conditions there are several scenarios that come into play when talking about size. There is the situation where one isn't functional and essentially is just a small extra little body part. However there are those that have matching members of genitalia and both work which could be very interesting for the individual in question.

I'm sure that many people often think about sexual intercourse as far as Diphallia is concerned given our society's nature to think in terms of sex. Most women would at least be intrigued to hear about a man born with two penises. The rumor is that several of the bigger adult film companies are offering a considerable contract to any man willing to show off his talents on film.

However any sexual interest that comes from having a condition such as Diphallus is overshadowed by the many other complications that can arise from having two penises. Men born with Diphallia often also are found to have multiple other body parts as well and this can cause more complicated issues. For this reason individuals born with this are more likely to live a shorter life. The unfortunate thing is that there is no cure except for amputation which isn't always an option. But at least most of these individuals can lead a very normal life.