Before I go further, I would like to say that I am the kind of man who lives outdoors. This article was written from my perspective. Not all men think like I do, but many of them do. If you have a man in your life who loves to fish and/or hunt, you will want to read this article before you go out to buy a gift for him. This article is targetted at anyone who feels the need to buy a gift for a man who loves to fish or hunt.

First of all, remember that men think differently than women. I could care less about nice looking clothes. I have some, but I really don;t want to see a box full of them under the christmas tree. This may sound harsh, but I want to tell the truth. I also don't want to receive a bottle of cologne, no matter how nice it smells or how expensive it was.

I have talked to many of my friend who I consider to have the same set of priorities as I do. We all agree that gifts need to have some practical application. The practical application that I am talking about is of course, it must have some sort of use in either hunting or fishing. This idea is transcends most men, if a man is into restoring cars, he will want gifts that pertain to his hobby. Are you understanding the idea? I think that men are very hobby oriented, therefore, if you want to purchase a gift for a man, you need to understand his hobby.

My chosen lifestyle is hunting and fishing. Most of my non-job related thoughts center around one of these. As far as being practical, that depends on your man's level of commitment and competency . If he is like me and he lives his sport, you have your work cut out for you. After talking to most of my buddies, we have come to an agreement that a gift card to our favorite place to shop is a fantastic gift. Another idea is to talk to him throughout the year and see if the topic of a particular thing keeps arising.

One illustration of this point is; a few years back I kept telling my wife that I wished that I had a new pair of G-Loomis jigging rods. She asked my why I didn't have them. I told her that they costs $300 a piece. She called my tournament partner and asked him what my preference was in jigging rods. He told her exactly what model to buy. I have never been so surprised! What made this gift so special was the amount of time and work that was put into it. I also loved the rods of course.

Most men are not as obsessed with their hobby as I am. My best advice is to ask your man what he likes to do and then go to his favorite place to shop. If you go to a Bass Pro Shops, Gander Mountain, Cabelas or Sportsman's Warehouse, they will have a knowledgable staff that will be able to assist you in purchasing a great gift for him.

Here is an example that might shed some light on this subject; You ask your man what he would like to do and he tells you that during the next fishing season he would like to fish for king salmon in streams. You go to the Sportsmans' Warehouse and talk to someone who works in the fishing department and they tell you what lures you need to use to fish in the local streams. You buy him an assortment of these lures, and you have just bought him presents that have practical application in his hobby. He will also be left wondering how you chose such a cool present.

The ideas that I have presented here are applicable to any man. Most men have a hobby. Any man who has a hobby will appreciate being given a gift that pertains to his hobby. Please feel free to use the tips I have given here to make your gift giving a little easier this year.