I just discovered that my Dyson vacuum cleaner, although pretty much set by itself, may be given a lot of power boost using some accessories. To start off, there is a hard floor tool which is used for cleaning tiles as well as hardwood floors. It has several brush bristles attached to it and does a really nice job of cleaning up dirt from hardwood floors. I can use it to easily clean under cabinets, on stairs and even around chairs, no matter what the shape. The brushes have spaces in between the bristles so there is some air space. The reason for this is so it won't stick to the ground.

Another great accessory of Dyson which I found is the Mini Turbine Head. The mini turbine head has two small brushes that spin really fast and get their power from the vacuum suction. Once I start up the vacuum, the tool will spin in a matter of seconds. The whizzing is a bit loud but it amazingly does a pretty great job for something as small as it. In fact, I noticed that it does a job which is almost comparable to that of a brush with bigger and thicker bristles. It is even good enough to actually use it on my car seat and is better than any car vacuum I have ever had.

While I may never need to buy a new filter for my Dyson, I might get an extra for when one is in the wash. This is good so that I can be efficient when it comes to cleaning and what the heck, it comes with a lifetime guarantee! And at only seventeen dollars a pop, it surely is a good buy and makes a lot of sense. No more waiting until the original filter gets dry.

The Flexi Crevice Tool also allowed me to be able to extend as well as flex the tool whichever angle I want it to bend. This is really useful when it comes to cleaning spaces that have odd shapes or are bent in weird ways. Now, I no longer have to crane my neck in order to clean these crevices because the Flex Crevice Tool will get to do that job for me. The Dyson also comes with a free mini brush which I use to clean the accessory with. There are many great tools which you can use in your Dyson vacuum unit, and sometimes the exciting part is choosing which one to use. Of course, it is always best to get the one which you will be able to utilize the most!