Like many people in today's hectic world, I have trouble sleeping. I do not have any trouble falling asleep within an hour of lying down. At worst, I may need to do some light physical stretching to loosen my muscles as well as some mental relaxation techniques like autogenics. No, my problem was far worse. I woke up several times every night, sometimes after two hours, sometimes after five hours. Nothing I tried ever helped. The doctors I consulted told me it was probably stress. I had actually given up hope of a cure. But then, one day, by accident, I found myself sleeping on a different bed ...

It was a hotel bed. My buddy and I had gone to a vacation resort - sun, surf, fishing, casino, beer (and duty-free cigarettes for him). The bed was comfortable. And I slept better than I ever had in my life. I had never slept well as a child, I had never slept well as a student in the dorm, I had never slept well after I lived on my own. It was a revelation - what a truly comfortable bed could do for my problems staying asleep.

You can bet that I started looking for a more comfortable bed after that. I started by looking for the best. That was easy - visco elastic memory foam mattresses, especially those made by Tempur Pedic or Serta. But the Tempurpedic memory foam mattress was way out of my budget. Unfortunately, the (supposedly) more affordable Serta Ultimate memory foam mattress was also out of my reach. And the (again supposedly) cheaper natural latex memory foam mattresses were also too expensive for me. So much for my quest to sleep better, huh?

Then I discovered that there was this thing called a memory foam topper. The best way to describe it is to call it a thin mattress that you put on top of your normal mattress. The firmer your normal bed is, the better the visco elastic polyurethane foam (i.e. memory foam) mattress pad worked. These memory foam toppers were much cheaper than the memory foam mattresses. I could actually afford them ... if I cut out all my other luxuries. It wasn't an easy decision. Fortunately, it wasn't a decision I had to make. I found a memory foam clearance sale. Oh yes, thank you Overstock. Memory foam mattresses were still out of reach, but not only could I afford to buy a Tempur memory foam mattress topper, I had enough left over in my budget to buy a Tempurpedic memory foam pillow. And all I had to do was forgo my mocha capuccino at Starbucks for the following three months. I briefly thought about buying the Serta memory foam mattress pad instead, but the Tempur Pedic deal was too good.

I couldn't use my new purchases immediately - I had to air them out for over a week to get rid of the smell. Then I had to experiment a bit with the placement. Putting the the Tempurpedic memory foam topper directly on top of my old mattress did not work well. Neither did putting it directly on my metal bed frame. In the end, I put my bed frame in storage, placed my old mattress on the floor and my tempurpedic memory foam mattress pad on top of it. It worked out well, overall. My body took a bit of time to adapt to the Tempur memory foam pillow and memory foam mattress pad, but I was able to eventually able to sleep six to seven hours at a stretch without waking up several times in the middle of the night. Not only that, but some of the aches and pains I didn't even know I had had also faded away.

Was the <A HREF="">memory foam topper</A> a cure-all for all my sleeping ailments? Unfortunately not. Now that I am older and fatter, I have started snoring as well. But as long as I take care to continue doing my relaxation exercises, I still sleep better than ever before.