Ahh, one of the wonders of the woman world. Is he right for me? Well, let's see if I can help you make that decision.

Here comes Prince Charming now. Tall, dark, handsome, looks like God put the works on this boy. He takes you to dinner. Enjoy a couple drinks prior to ordering. Tension is easing up. Then all of a sudden *BAM* he tells you what you want to eat, even orders for you. What? When did you turn into the Little Mermaid? Ursala, give this child her voice back! However, you let that slide for the moment. A few tables away you see an old friend from school and proceed to make contact. Prince Charming decides that you are *NOT* going over there because this is *HIS* time. Can you see the red flags? If not, I'm pretty sure even Helen Keller could see those blowing in the wind.

First off, if he's bossing you around, shows extreme jealousy, or possessivness he's probably just satisfying his own ego trip. Don't pretend that he may change. It's *NOT* going to happen Take off your heels, grab your purse and run to the nearest exit! This is more than likely not the guy for you. Don't worry, men are like buses, the next will arrive momentarily.

Here one comes now. Not bad looking. He's very attentitive to your every need. A little too attentitive. Anything you need, want or desire, he's on it! It seems almost stalkerish. Let's pause for a second and address this. Some women would love to be pampered, adored, waited on hand and foot till the end of time. Don't get me wrong, it's nice every now and again, not every second of the day. You are an individual and need to experience life's situations by yourself sometimes. If this guy is doing everything for you, pretty soon you're going to be laid up on the couch like a potato and your brain will turn to mush! Nope, this isn't the guy either.

Another day, another bus. By this time you start the woman wonders. I wonder why I can't find someone? I wonder why all the good ones are taken? That's when you give up. Stop trying. Be yourself and see what happens. That's when the last bus comes by and sweeps you off your feet.

You look up and make eye contact. It's no ordinary eye contact. You swear you saw a twinkle brighter than the North Star. Instantly the world stops turning and there's only the two of you. You have never giggled this much in your entire life. He thinks you are the most beautiful girl that has walked the Earth and didn't even notice you are in your ancient sweats nor, are you wearing your makeup. That doesn't matter to him only the you inside matters. Now, this is the guy for you!

Never rush into finding the perfect guy. Doing so may just end up wasting your time in the end causing a lot of heartache. You don't want to end up on the prowl after 8 years of a hard marriage with an extra 5 dearly loved packages that you happened to birth during the course. The right guy will come along and when it does, you now know what to look for.