There you are, surrounded by your family or your friends, or sometimes both, and something funny happens, or a tender moment occurs, and someone says "That's a Kodak moment." So everyone takes out their cameras and takes a picture. When you take a picture though, you are not just taking a picture; you are capturing a moment of history that will last forever. Eventually, due to life in general, that picture will be shoved into a shoe box or an album that will, within a few months or years even, be covered in dust. Being in the military though, the moments that will be captured are not only of good times with the guys or the girls, while they may not be put into text books, they are none the less, moments of our nation's history.

With advances in creativity and technology, it is simple to take a classic picture and turn it into a work of pure art. There are many ways to transform your sill memories into moments that will stay alive forever, one of which is to turn them into a classic black and white photo with a pop of color. For example, a wedding photo; many people use the flowers for their pop of color; however, a military wedding photo would look superb with the details of the groom's dress uniform as the pop of color. Some pictures though, speak a thousand words and do not need to be changed or edited in any way, so to keep those pictures looking their best, put them into a simple frame without a bunch of frills, with a picture's powerful presence; there is no need to add to it.

If it is a picture of you and your comrades in your ACUs or BDUs just hanging out, you may think about adding an antique finish to it to give it a vintage look or you could add thought bubble stickers with captions to give it a more fun look. If you are deployed, it is important to take a lot of pictures, be they of yourself, you and your friends, or of the cities and towns, because this will help those of us back home to get a better vision of what you see on a day to day basis while you are so far from home. For those of us at home waiting, when we receive these pictures, it is a nice idea to take them and put them in a place for safe keeping.

Scrapbooking is a hobby that, as of the last few years, has become an everyday activity for some. A scrapbook that is well put together can not only house memories, but it can allow one to relive the moments of his or her life, smiles and tears included. It will commemorate significant sequential events in one's life, or just be a place to house a certain theme for pictures, for example, "The Marine Corps Ball: 2009-2013", each year, place the pictures you take from the event and place them into the scrapbook along with memorabilia from the event (the program, any sort of paper handed out, the gift to all attendees, etc.) Another idea for a scrapbook would be "Being all they can Be". In a scrapbook like this, place photos of your soldier and his or her friends. The photos do not have to be of anything specific, random moments would give the pages of your book will add a new emotion every time the page is turned.

All in all, there are many ways to spice up your photos and give the moments of history a place to be looked at and reflected upon. The men and women of our armed forces are not just in the service, they are a part of our history, and their pictures, if properly taken care of, will allow many generations to come to learn of the courage, dedication and bravery that those before them were adorned with.

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