It's now a month after starting to write on Infobarrel and it has been an interesting period, where I enjoyed the writing, reading other articles on Infobarrel and learned a lot from other writers in their articles and in the Infobarrel forum.

I also made some typical starter-mistakes, like writing articles that should have been a bit longer, writing a title that didn't cover exactly the content of the article and therefore got denied and not linking parts of my content to other related articles. At first, I also set the URL-channels in Adsense up in an incorrect way, but luckily there are also articles on Infobarrel that are covering that specific topic. You live and learn, so I am making sure that I am not making those mistakes in the future again.

In the first month I received several achievements, like being a Power Wordsmith (writing 10,000 words), which led to a total score of 286. However, I didn't become pre-approved yet. Luckily the review time of my articles on an average doesn't take more than a few days.

Until now I wrote 25 articles that cover a wide variety of topics, going from Euro 2012 – the European Championship Soccer in Ukraine and Poland to Which cities to visit during your trip to The Netherlands and from Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting to homesickness. The article with the most views until now is an article on the Samsung E60 e-reader, which also ranks quite well in Google. No one seems to need soccer shin pads, because that article didn't receive any views until now.

No one commented on the articles yet or gave it a rating, which is a bit disappointing because I love to interact with people and love to hear what they think.

I didn't put too much effort yet into promoting my articles via other social networking websites like Digg, Reddit and so on, but that's something that I certainly will focus on the next month. I also didn't actively participate in the Infobarrel forum yet, just reading, and I am also planning to find time to engage more in discussions in the forum in the near future. Unfortunately, a day still only has 24 hours (although I wish sometimes it were 48!).

About my earnings I can be very short: none so far. But I also read in other articles on Infobarrel and in the Infobarrel forum that earning something can take a while and that articles need to age, so I am not getting discouraged by that.

I enjoy the writing, love sharing knowledge, skills, tips and tricks with the readers of my articles and am planning to write more articles in the near future.