Have you decided to explore the thrill of the sport of mountain hiking this year. Mountain hiking is a great way to get into shape while soaking up some fresh air and experiencing the beautiful and serene surroundings of the wilderness. The wonderful thing about mountain hiking is reaching the peak and gazing out at the view. This is not always easy to accomplish, however, the trip is worth it in the end.

The first thing that you will need to obtain is the right gear. Some of the things that you want to start out with is a backpack, hiking shoes, and the proper clothes for the trip. If you are planning to climb a steep mountain, this can be accomplished a lot easier with a hiking staff. Depending on the weather, you might need to pick up a light rain jacket. You should be off to a good start with these simple items. If this is your first adventure, then you should start out slow and do not plan to travel far. The longer the trail, the more items you will have to carry along with you.

The next thing that you should do for your mountain hiking experience is decide where you want to go. You may already have an idea in mind. If you do or do not, you should think about taking someone along with you that has some experience with hiking. No matter what you decide always let someone know when and where you are going, and when you expect to be back. Then, if you encounter some sort of accident someone will search for you. A great place to start a mountain hiking adventure is at one of your local National Parks. If you don’t have one near your area go to AllTrails.Com and register. They have a database with over 40,000 trails to explore. This site has information about these trails and filters them by different criteria of difficulty, popularity, and distance. You will find a lot of information at this site that can help you pick a location.

Hopefully, at this point you know where you want to go to hike. Now you need to stock your backpack with the necessary items that you will need for a great experience. If this is your first adventure start out on a day trip. Get a good lightweight backpack because you are going to be lugging this around for the entire trip. You can purchase one at on outdoor or sporting goods store, or you can pick one up for next to nothing at Wal-Mart. Something that you will need for your daytrip is water, food, cell phone, and a GPS. Start out your trip by drinking a lot of water before you go so that you will be completely hydrated for your trip. You can purchase a water treatment product to take with you in case you run out of water. Eat a decent meal before you journey out. Take high calorie foods like nuts and protein bars with you. You can pack a light lunch, but the more items that you carry the greater the weight of your backpack. Charge your cell phone and GPS before you go. This is your only means of communication and direction in case of an emergency. Apply some bug spray to make your trip more enjoyable. Take an extra pair of socks in case your feet become sweaty. Get a good pair of hiking shoes and break them in before your adventure. Blisters on your feet will ruin your trip so great shoes are a necessary item. You may want to consider purchasing a hiking staff especially if you are not in perfect shape. A staff can help take the weight off and help you navigate steep terrains.

Pick out the right clothes for hiking. You will want to wear clothes that provide protection and comfort. Long light colored pants can protect your legs from bug bites and help you easily spot ticks. You will need to make sure that you have a lightweight rain jacket in case of a mid afternoon shower. Your main objective is to keep warm and dry. With the right clothing and adding a survival kit to your backpack, you know that you have covered all of the basis. Use common sense and think about your location, the terrain, and the weather.

Now your ready to venture out on your first mountain hiking trip. Take along a lightweight camera to document your adventure. Do not forget to let someone know your itinerary and assemble a wilderness survival kit before you go. Follow the advice above for an enjoyable first trip out for some summertime fun. If this is a sport that you find you truly enjoy, then you can cruise the internet for fantastic more in-depth information on longer and more exciting adventures.

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