What a Versatile Spice

Spice cabinets become so cramped. Does this scenario sound familiar? A recipe calls for an ingredient. The shopper buys it and uses the obligatory one teaspoon called for in the recipe. That little spice jar then lives in the spice cabinet for years, never again meOh the Spicesntioned or requested in a recipe. Is it not a fulfilling feeling when an item comes along that earns the reputation as a spice staple and enhances all kinds of recipes? That is the spice worthy of a front row address on the spice shelf. Salt and pepper qualify. This other  little known spice is ready to move into that highly prized front row too. Once used, it will be the ubiquitous spice in your kitchen. What is it? Meet Tajin Classico.

Words have a hard time describing how marvellous this miracle worker is. There truly is no recipe even needed for this spice. Use it on everything. It is a classic mixture of chili peppers, salt, and the truly memorable ingredient, dehydrated lime juice. Unbelievable describes how delightful foods of all sorts taste with this spice added. Use it as a rub on fish and chicken. Sautéed or grilled vegetables need no further seasoning other than the glorious Tajin Classico. Do not forget fruit. It is the perfect enhancer for that sweet side of things too. This seasoning is magic. Something about the lime and chili give a complex and delicious spin.

Consider these possibilities. Rub generous amounts of the spice on a salmon filet. Sear the fish on both sides and then bake at 375 degrees to an internal temperature of 145 degrees. No oil is even needed to get the sear because of the oil in the salmon itself. Family and guests alike will be asking for the recipe! That is a promise. The same process works with a chicken breast, but add a bit of olive or canola oil to the pan to get that perfect sear. Bake to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

Vegetables star in the show as well when using this superb spice. Take asparagus as just one example. Snap fresh asparagus spears to the natural breaking point to get the tender ends. Use olive oil to lightly coat the bottom of a seer pan. Sprinkle Tajin Classico liberally over the spears. Sear the asparagus spears in the pan, giving the pan a quick shake every few minutes to avoid burning. Cook until tender, about five-seven minutes depending on the thickness of the spears.

Just to add one more, another thought on using Tajin Classico combines a few extra ingredients for the best side dish ever. Drain one can of garbanzo beans. Chop one onion and one  plum tomato, seeded.  Finely mince three cloves of garlic, two stems of fresh parsley leaves, and three fresh basil leaves. Heat one tablespoon of olive oil and sauté the onions and garlic for about five minutes. Add the garbanzo beans, parsley, basal, and one tablespoon of Tajin. Heat for about three minutes. Write this one down as friends and relatives will ask for the recipe.

Make some room on that high-profile first row of spices. Tanjin Classico will be joining the neighborhood!

On a special note of where to find this spice, it lives in the regular grocery stores, but interestingly enough, is often found in the produce section versus the spice isle. The spice can be purchased online.