"Mum Can We Do Mathletics?"

I'm not usually the type of person to write about another site or education related topics but from personal experience this deserves a mention and could be the answer many parents are seeking. Sharing is caring afterall.

Mathletics is an educational site that is used in schools worldwide and is currently not only Australia's but many other countries most used educational site, with over 3.5 million students ranging from kindergarten to year 12 participating. While it is free for each student to use, the program and profiles must be purchased by either the school they are attending or by their parents. To encourage more schools to get involved, and due to the amount of students they would require to enrol on the site they get a 70% discount. How each school pays for the program would vary of course, either raising the money or be granted under government funding. Parents who wish to purchase for their child at home costs start at $99 for one child per year with discounts available for each additional child registered. 

While as a parent I know this might seem a little expensive, it is worth it and there are sites that claim to offer free trials. (I haven’t personally researched into the other sites though, but you can youtube or google for more information in regards to trials.) The Teachers (or home purchasing parents) have control over what Mathletics level a student is up to or working on, and give access to each new level as the child passes with reports being available to parents each week with the results. This allows the teacher to see what the child is struggling on, finds easy and to give them something different instead of just book work for their homework.

One of the reasons and personally I feel the main reason Mathletics is so successful is because they designed it to be fun instead of standard work, keeping the children entertained.  Mathletics turns problem solving into games, times tables into songs, online awards, and the students can even make themselves an avatar, spending their earned points on stickers and new clothes for their character. Most schools and teachers also reward the children for their efforts by handing out awards at school assemblies, and making it a school effort. The Primary School my children attend give extra rewards such as class prizes, tokens and work free time if they put in a good effort or are above their level.

Mathletics is designed not only to make learning fun but also to teach them as if a teacher was alongside them, demonstrating step by step guides and examples as they go. It shows the children the correct answers if they get it incorrect and in most cases they get to choose the style of Math they wish to work on, such as games, sums or online challenges. Mathletics has a structured curriculum which can be previewed via their website along with a detailed video and many other statistics ranging from world-wide to the top 100 students.

The below video is an example of two students on the same level doing an online challenge. Challenges are not compulsory, only for extra fun if the child chooses to take part. Some students like being able to work hard and be on the Mathletics Website Front Page Top Lists.

While Mathletics might sound like just another Math or learning site, I can honestly say it's not, as I have seen how much it can and has improved children including my own. My son learnt his times tables through listening to the background songs whilst working. While it's great he's learnt them, listening to the 12 times table song for weeks straight started to drive me a bit batty.

Each child is generally asked to spend about 20 minutes three to five nights a week, and in less than a year my daughter was working on Math problems a grade above her current level. My two sons are like most boys and would prefer playing games than doing school work, yet they enjoy Mathletics and we have afternoon battles each day as to which child gets to use the computer first. They are currently on school holidays and have asked each day to log on and do some work.

I have seen many parents enquire on Facebook pages and forums as to an educational site that will help their child, and I have suggested Mathletics each time. I have nothing to do with the site, and nothing to gain by recommending it, other than trying to help others due to seeing how much difference it has made to my three children. There are also forums for parents and a blog to follow for any extra questions. So if you are looking for something extra or helpful educational wise for your child, I would recommend Try Mathletics. If you aren't completely happy they do have a 10 day money back guarantee. My children love it which is the best part, no more fighting them to do their homework! 

Below is a Video that goes into more detail of the Mathletics site also showing both teacher and student points of views.

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