Washing Laundry We've all done it. You throw a load of clothes into the washer and completely forget about it. The soggy clothes sit for a day or two, getting mustier by the minute. You try washing them again, but the stink remains. You fluff and wash them again with the same result. Hot water, cold water, nothing seems to make a difference. There is a very simple way to remedy this smelly situation with a natural disinfectant you probably already have in your cupboard.

Next time you have musty laundry, or dirty clothes that are just really stinky like work or gym attire, try using distilled white vinegar. If your washing machine has a fabric softener dispenser, you can fill it with the vinegar so it will release during the rinse cycle. Moreover, you can add a healthy splash to the wash water in addition to the laundry soap. When the cycle is finished, your clothes will smell fresh, and there will be no trace of vinegar odor.

The additional cleaning properties of vinegar make it an obvious pick for cleaner, fresher laundry. According to vinegar manufacturer H.J. Heinz Company, vinegar will break down uric acid in baby clothes, removing any associated odors. It also dissolves soap residue, leaving your clothes cleaner, and which can reduce skin irritations from perfumes and cleansers. Because vinegar is so versatile and inexpensive, it is clearly a must have in the laundry room. Safe to use with no harsh chemicals, vinegar is great for those times when odor removal and cleaner clothes are a priority.