Identifying with the Main Character of A New Dawn

Book 1 of The Guardians Chronicles Series by Ann H Barlow

Books play a prominent role in our lives. Sometimes, our lives mimic the experiences of the books we read. More often than not, we see ourselves in one of the characters of the book if it is well written and we can connect with her/him and if the story appeals to us. But at the very least we hope to learn from them, and to take something away from the reading experience that will enrich our lives.

When I read the book, I couldn’t help but put myself in the position of Sahara Driver, the main character of the Guardian’s Chronicles series. Not only because the main character is described as pretty and as you read through the book it would be difficult not to admire her, but it is her humanity that draws you and as she deals with her lot, she experiences such a wide range of emotions reminiscent of what we all have to go through at one time or another.

She is a seemingly ordinary girl from a small village in the heart of West Yorkshire and yet she goes on to do the most extraordinary things, and this first volume of The Guardian’s Chronicles follows her trials and tribulations as she tries to come to terms with the role that fate has handed her.

In contrast to her name, that gives you the idea that she is always strong and in charge, Sahara Driver, the main character in this saga is not always as confident as you might expect. When we meet Sahara she is involved in an abusive relationship with Nigel Bennett, her soon to be x-boyfriend. In spite all the hardships she experienced she finds the courage to start again, but it means leaving everything she knows in order to safeguard herself and those she loves from Nigel’s wrath.

She starts again in a new town and just when she thinks that her life is taking a turn for the better, Sahara starts to experience strange events as wine glasses and coats come to her just as she is about to reach out for them. She tries to ignore the incidents, and it’s not until she throws Nigel around by the flick of her wrist that she starts to accept that there is something decidedly strange going on after Nigel comes back into her life and tries to get her to return to Clayton with him.

After this, there is no going back and Romero, a Guardian and the benefactor of the powers she is accumulating starts to guide her, although at the time he is nothing but a voice in her head. At times, she can’t help but feel that she is crazy, but there is too much evidence to support her belief that Romero is real.

Now Sahara has to flee yet again. This time she goes to Paris, where she changes her identity so that Romero can keep her off the radar of his adversary Barak, a fallen Guardian whose evil knows no bounds, has imprisoned Romero and is set to bring mankind to its knees, by any means he can.

Now Sahara’s only ally is the voice in here head that is guiding her and preparing her for a showdown with the most evil being in the universe.

A lot of things happened that to Sahara along the way, but she finds the courage from deep within her to fight the inner struggle she is faced with.

Although the book is a fantasy fiction, A New Dawn deals with issues that we are facing in our everyday lives. The book made me look at my weaknesses and realise that I shouldn’t let them hinder me from trying to obtain my goals. The story gave me hope that I could face my fears and win.

Although she is a fictitious character, Sahara is an icon. There is something of Sahara in all of us if we look hard enough into what motivates us. She makes me feel as if I could save the entire world if I have to.

A New Dawn thrills and surprises. It makes you laugh and also makes you cry. And more poignantly it introduces you to a world that may quite easily become our fate if evil is given the opportunity to overshadow truth and justice.

Don’t miss this epic saga. It has all the elements to attract a massive cult following, move over Bella, hold on to your bow and arrow Katniss, and Beatrice you’ll need Four more than ever - Sahara has arrived.

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