Spending a New England autumn in the woods of New Hampshire feels like walking through a Norman Rockwell painting.Reflections

The breathtaking views offered by this area, are unmatched when it comes to foliage.

Beginning in southern New Hampshire around the end of August, each year a transformation of great proportion takes place.

More RiversVisitors get to enjoy the most amazing display of vivid colors. Nature puts this together for us, blending deep reds and oranges, with the golds and the greens. The horizons are dotted with splashes of color that blend together in a way, only she could paint.

Vacationers have come to the mountains of New England, for the beauty the landscapes offer, for centuries. Large tour groups and multitudes of families, make this trek each and every year, to observe this amazing pictorial display.

The panoramic over looks provide photo opportunities, that are abundant with nature's color palette. Birdwatchers find many specimens through out the area, during this time of the year.

New Hampshire RiversCamping is also a well enjoyed pastime in this region. Many campgrounds are available, for those who enjoy getting close to mother nature. They range in price, from the simple basic site in the National Forest, with no amenities, to top of the line private, vacation getaways, that can include pools and spa treatments. Some of the available campgrounds even sport a golf course .

Dining out in the area will find a mix of authentic New England hearty meals, such as beef stew and chicken pot pie. Right up to the best cuisine money can buy. The variety of restaurants through out the area is almost endless. From Country cooking, to Sushi, there is something to please everybody.

Hunters have enjoyed this time of year, as an added benefit to their activities. Many will bring camera's along, to capture the glory of the excellent scenery surrounding them.

A trip through this area would be incomplete, without a trip along the famous Kangamangus Highway.Panoramic colors This national treasure winds from North Conway, New Hampshire, across the White Mountains to Lincoln, New Hampshire. There are many attractions waiting when the other side is reached.

There are sites with huge waterfalls and rushing rapids. Swimming is available along this drive. People spend warm autumn afternoons, wading in the crystal clear waters. Fishermen also flock to this region and angling is a big part of the sporting activity that goes on here.

Anyone visiting this area will agree their choice was well worth the journey. Wherever they came from a New England autumn is something they'll be glad they didn't miss.

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