If you think you need a new kitchen but you don't have the funds (or even if you do) think twice before starting a huge and expensive remodeling project on what may be a perfectly sound kitchen.

Often a kitchen looks outdated simply because the kitchen doors, work tops, tiles and accessories are past their best. It's rare for the cabinets themselves to be worn out. By fitting replacement kitchen doors and new counter tops you can give your kitchen a new lease of life without paying to have the whole thing demolished and rebuilt.

Take your time to really examine each cabinet. If the cabinets look grubby inside, spruce them up a bit with kitchen cleaner then rinse and dry. Send for a few brochures and look at the kind of doors you could replace your old ones with. Often door replacement companies will provide a whole new cabinet or two if you need a few replacing as well.

Once you have chosen new doors and worktops think about your tiles. They will probably need replacing too as they may get damaged when the old counter tops are removed. It's a great chance to try a new color scheme. You can coordinate tiles with other accessories such as table cloths, kitchen curtains and chair cushions or simply tone your tiles with your kitchen cabinets.

For easier updating in future choose neutral cabinet doors, worktops and tiles so that you can update your kitchen simply by changing accessories and wall paint. A white, cream or neutral wooden kitchen can be made to go with the latest color this season and then in a few years you can change your paint, curtains and tea towels and be bang on trend again.

When getting your kitchen updated you will naturally have to clear a lot of clutter out of the way of the installers while work is going on in your kitchen. For best results and a "new kitchen" feeling avoid putting it all back exactly where it all used to go. Take a fresh look at your clutter as well as your cabinets and send anything to the trash that is not treasured or well used.

Finally when all the work is done add a few pictures to the walls and treat yourself to a bunch of flowers for your table or counter top to celebrate your "new" kitchen.

New Tiles Can Completely Transform Your Kitchen