In this article you will learn about a new product on the market that when used will decrease the time it takes to put a slip float on your fishing line.  You will not have to remove all the gear that is on your line to perform this task.  Your angling time will increase as a result of using the product.  More time fishing means you have the potential to catch more fish.

I was made aware of this item by my involvement in a program that field tests fishing tackle.  A love affair was created for this product immediately upon using it.  Now it is hard to think of going fishing without having The Slip Bobber in my tackle box.  

Allow me explain to how easy it is to use this fish catching tool.  First, attaching it to your line is a simple process.  You just open the two locks that are located on the top and bottom of this device. Then you place the fishing line through the slot.  This indentation runs the entire length of the float.  Next you close the locks.  You do not have to detach anything from your line to attach this product to your line.  The directions for insertion of the line are clearly marked on the outside of the package.  After doing this once or twice you will be able to remember how it is done. 

As an added feature the product is proudly made in the USA.  It is important for me to try and buy products made in the USA.  This helps to keep jobs here where they belong.  The float is produced in four sizes.  All are designed to catch a variety of fish species.  The Mini and the Small sizes are used for crappie and bluegill.  The Medium size is perfect to use while in pursuit of walleyes with the Large size being great for catfish and pike.  Starting at only $1.79 each it is easy to see that they are quite affordable.

Another product that the company sells is the stops used to slide up or down the line.  They are used for controlling the depth you want to fishing.  They also have a unique and easy system to apply this product to your line.  Check them out and you'll find them affordable too. 

Slip Bobbers 2
Credit: Raymond E

This is quite a good buy @ $1.79

Easy to follow directions on back of package

Slip Bobbers 3
Credit: Raymond E