When decorating a child’s room, you should get creative and let your imagination run wild. A new safari look for a kid’s room will spark inspiration and adventure into those cute little eyes. Children love animals and bright colors, so you should incorporate as many as these concepts into the theme as possible. Look around at every aspect of the room to garner ideas and figure out where best to spend your decorating funds. When decorating you will need to incorporate the theme into the bedding and linens. Each little addition such as pillows, throws, lamps, light switch covers, and rugs just adds excitement to your decorating theme.

     Children love the zoo.  Must all small children love stuffed animals that remind them of the interesting animal that they have seen at the zoo or on TV.  When selecting your new safari look for your kid's room try to remember those animals that have the biggest positive impact on your child.  Most children are fascinated with lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, and elephants.   I bet your child has a favorite animal too.

Jungle Adventure Safari Childrens BeddingCredit: pwarlickTry and find your bedding and curtains  for your new safari look in matching colors or themes.  Implement colors such as pastels that are not to busy. Soft cool colors such as these will make for a nice sleeping environment. This Jungle Adventure Animal Safari bedding would be perfect for any small boy or girl.  The colors are soft and muted, but the graphics are intriguing and interesting.  Children love having a room filled with things that they enjoy.  This room is calm, but it does invite adventure. 

You can get drapes like the ones pictured above, but if you decide on panels, you can still add aJungle Safari Critter TiebacksCredit: pwarlick jungle theme to the mix.  See how these Jungle Safari Critter tiebacks can add a whole new dimension.  Another thing that you can do it make a fake window over the bed by adding trim over a mural on the wall.  Complete this with a curtain rod and panels, and place these cute little critters tiebacks on each side of the curtain.  Small children will get a kick out of these, and they can take them down and play with them.  These are adorable and multifunctional.

Add some splash with safari themed rugs placed beside of at the foot of the bed.  Add safari themed lamps on the night stands.  Place safari themed decals on the walls and add pictures of wild animals on the walls as well.  Wallpaper border and nightlight plates will really add dimension to the room.  Don't forget to fill it with stuffed animals for the playtime.  If the walls have been painted with a safari theme in mind, then consider painting the ceiling blue and adding some clouds for a visual effect.  Once your creativity gets going you will come up with all kinds of interesting ideas.  The products above are from Amazon, but you can also find great themes at your local retailers.  If you have anymore interesting ideas that can be added to this theme will you please leave me a comment and our readers can be inspired.