For the last decade or so, New Year's Resolutions have become extremely self-centered.
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"I'm going to lose 40 lbs."

"I promise to declutter the house."

"I want to learn a new language."

How about giving your New Year's resolutions a twist this year and do more for your fellow man?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Volunteer Your Time at a Local Charity

There are many great charitable organizations out there that are desperate for volunteer help these days.   Jobs can range from sorting food or planting trees to filing paperwork and making phone calls.  No matter what you do, your hard work will be greatly appreciated!

2. Raise Money for a Charity

Make some phone calls, head a committee that will plan the next fund raising event, have a bake sale or car wash, collect food for the hungry - there are many great ideas out there.  Of course, make sure to check with the charity first and see if they will accept such donations.

3. Build Homes or School OverseasKids Need Help Too!Credit:

Instead of resolving to travel more, you can join up with one of the organizations that buildings houses and schools in third world or impoverish countries.  Not only will you see the world, but you will have helped someone who desperately needs your help.

4. Take In an Orphaned Child

I know not everyone can do this but it is an idea to keep in mind.  There are countless kids, especially older ones, who are desperately seeking a home - even a foster home - to call their own.  You will not only put a roof over their head but you will also give them the love and support that they need to becomes great adults.  Contact your county office of social services for more information.

5. Take in an Orphaned Animal

Our animal shelters are so full these days that some shelters are having to resort to euthanizing to make room.  You don't have to officially adopt an animal.  Many organizations allow you to "foster" a dog or cat, allowing the animal to get accustom to a normal homelife while providing you with animal companionship.

6. Center On Your Family

Life is so crazy these days that it can be hard to Smiling KidsCredit: perspective on what's the most important thing in your life - family.  Make it a point to take time out of your busy schedule to spend quality time with your husband, wife, and kids.  Have a weekly family game night, eat dinner together three nights of the week, take junior to the park more often - it's all doable.  You just have to decide what is most important in your life.

7. Be A Good Friend

Make it a point to be a good friend.  Call often, go out for coffee now and again, send birthday, holiday, and any day cards to let them know that you're thinking about them, etc. etc.  Reach out to those friends who are having difficulties and let them know that you're thinking about them.  Friends are precious - value each and everyone one.

8. Think Green

What can you do this year to help the environment?  Maybe you plan to recycle more?  Or plan a garden?  Or maybe you decided to carpool more and drive less.  Every little bit helps!