There are many products and services you can sell in the World Wide Web. Ebooks, special reports, scripts,programs,writing services, graphic design work, and the likes have always been fertile earning opportunities in the digital landscape.

But if you're planning to establish an online business that will sell any of these products or services, you'll be met with some competition. Often, you'd discover that such competition has saturated your target market with their offers.

The reason is not that difficult to fathom. The conventional products and services abound on the internet. The same old things are being sold over and over again, and there is a real danger that people will develop numbness to them. Novelty is a marketing weapon. When novelty dissipates, the campaign suffers.

New approaches are made necessary.

And one of the most novel services you can sell in cyberspace would have to be a personalized coaching.

What Is Personalized Coaching?

Everyone needs a teacher. Establishing a teacher-student setup has always been known as the most efficient learning model in existence. This setup has been implemented since the dawn of civilization. Socrates delivered his lessons under the shade of the trees. Plato did the same. Aristotle formalized the entire thing when he established a modest school he called the Academy.

Everyone needs a teacher, and this is what personalized coaching is all about. If someone from the niche you're focusing on needs help on a particular aspect of that field, you will be there to show him the way.

If, for example, you decide to become a personal coach for internet marketing subjects, you can teach your students thebasics of setting up an online business. You can eventually introduce more complex strategies as their knowledge base and skill set develop and expand.

The Digital Personal Coach

The wonders of the internet have made it possible for just about anyone with the requisite knowledge and skills to become a coach for a person in need, even if the latter is in another country. There are many, many avenues available for the would-be coach to ply his trade in the World Wide Web.

* You can coach your student via email. An exchange of email is instantaneous. You just have to commit yourself to reply to their queries at the soonest possible time. The hitches of time zones should also be taken into consideration.

* You can try teleconferencing. With emergent technologies like VoIP, patching phone lines is made easier and more affordable, even if the participants are located all over the world.

* You can try videoconferencing by streaming your footage in real time or as recorded downloadables. All you need is a web cam and an appropriate web hosting service capable of video streaming or possessing enough storage space for your uploads.

* You can try podcasting, that is, broadcasting audio recordings to your students.

* You can hook up with your students via instant messaging (IM) services like Yahoo Messenger or MSN.

The internet has succeeded in destroying borders, and this has made it easier for the would-be coach to teach anyone who'd enroll under his system.

The Bright Future Of Personalized Coaching

Everyone needs that personal touch. Reading about what should be learned is simply not enough on certain occasions. People need to be told what to do, in a manner that will make them listen and take heed.

There will always be a demand for personal coaches, and with the still developing technology of the internet, the future is indeed smiling upon this novel field that is yet to be fully exploited.