Senseless deaths due to some’s negligence and recklessness

It is frustrating to see people get hurt on TV because of accidents. What’s more heart-breaking though is to see innocent people get injured, hurt, or worse die because of the negligence of others. These are just some of the most recent news items that aired in local television stations in California.

Some epic cases of reckless driving

A drunk woman crashed her car into a house in Temple City. While no one was injured in the accident, the authorities are still checking if the house sustained any structural damage. Another example would be the crash along a freeway in California that killed a 48-year-old man. The suspect is an employee of the California Fire Department.

DUI law flaws

While these people got apprehended and will facing a court to pay for the offenses they have committed, it is quite appalling to know that properties are getting damaged, people are getting injured or dies because of somebody else’s carelessness and negligence of people.

That is why the government has been trying to constantly coming up with new ways to help lessen the chances of these accidents from happening. For example, a new assembly bill has just been recently signed into law. Assembly Bill or AB2020 made amendments in the current DUI laws. Through this amendment, people suspected of DUI will be required to undergo blood testing.

Pre-AB2020 DUI drug testing protocol

Before, a driver that has been suspected of DUI are required to undergo drug testing. However, the person is given the choice to say no to a blood test and opt to take a urine test instead. Because of the inaccuracy of some of the results that the urine tests yielded, a Los Angeles auto accident attorney said that this makes it more difficult for the aggrieved party to press charges against the suspects.

The AB2020 advantage

With this new law in effect, the government now requires all suspected DUI drivers to undergo a blood test which is lot more accurate. Through this new measure it is easier to prove if one person is really drunk or not, so the processing of charges to be mulled against him are expedited, having them pay for the consequences of their recklessness and negligence.